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Interview with Whiplash

One of many thrash bands of the 80s firing up the engine again in the 21st century, New Jersey’s Whiplash have released an album in Unborn Again that is outstanding on numerous levels. In large part it is due to the dynamic and varied songwriting, which includes not only neck snapping thrash, but also groove based heavy metal and hard rock. Most surprisingly is how well it works as a complete listening experience. Although the band followed up 80s classics Power and Pain and Ticket to Mayhem with a handful of 90s albums, 1998’s Thrashback was the last we’d heard from Whiplash until the release of this year’s Unborn Again. Certainly the passing of original member and bassist Tony Bono in 2002 put a damper on things, to say the least, but the Jersey boys are back and without a doubt better than ever. Guitarist/vocalist Tony Portaro and drummer Joe Cangelosi check in with TOTD to bring us up to date.

Whiplash – Unborn Again

Did you know that New Jersey’s Whiplash formed in 1984 and went on to release a handful of albums during thrash’s heyday in the 80s and a few during thrash’s mere existence in the deep underground during the 90s? I did, and that’s about all I knew. One of a slew of lesser known, but […]

WHIPLASH Unborn Again E-Card Available

Reunited New Jersey thrash legends WHIPLASH have five brand new tracks — “Feeding Frenzy,” “Pitbulls In The Playground,” “Fight Or Flight,” “Float Face Down” and “Firewater” — available for all your previewing desires. To hear the new tunes, check out the WHIPLASH E-Card at Pulverised Records’ Official Myspace page: The E-Card will be available […]

WHIPLASH: New Song Posted Online

Reactivated New Jersey thrashers WHIPLASH have posted another new song — “Fight Or Flight” — on their official MySpace Page. Visit: to check it out. The track comes off the band’s new album, Unborn Again, which is scheduled for Aug 5th release via Pulverised Records. The CD was recorded at Studio with world-renowned engineer/producer […]