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October Tide – Tunnel of No Light

It’s hard to believe that the origin of October Tide dates back almost two decades now. Jonas Renkse and Fred Norrman started the project during Katatonia’s brief break-up in ‘94 and released two now-classic albums before disbanding in ‘99. Norrman eventually resurrected the moniker in ‘09 after his departure from Katatonia. The decade-long hiatus, lack […]

October Tide – A Thin Shell

Fredrick Norrman’s departure from Katatonia has unlocked a door that personally, I never thought we’d see open. October Tide, the revered doom/death side project once helmed by Jonas Renkse and Norrman has been reincarnated without Renkse, a new line-up has been devised, and a new album is here in all its glory. After years of […]