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Zombiefication – Below the Grief

I’ve been following this Mexican murder crew sporadically from a distance for several years and I’ll be damned if their fourth LP, Below the Grief, isn’t the one that has me hooked and obsessed for good.  Zombiefication pulls out every murky, mucky, mean and melodic stop on this blistering combination of frost-lunged blackened blasting, burly […]

Brutally Deceased – Satanic Corpse

A number of bands are vying to replace Dismember; Notably Interment, Infected Chaos, Smothered, Unwilling Flesh and others. However, here come the Czech Republic’s Brutally Deceased, formerly a much more Grave/Entombed inspired band with album number 3 to arguably jump ahead of everyone and claim the Dismember throne. Whereas the band’s last two fine albums, […]

Usurpress – Ordained

Considering Daniel Ekeroth is the author of the genre’s bible, ‘Swedish Death Metal’, and expert historian on the genre, the 2012 debut of his band Usurpress , Trenches of the Netherworld was surprisingly mediocre. However, with the band’s second album he appears to have righted the ship, even if taking a little bit of a tangent. Taking […]

Brutally Deceased – Black Infernal Vortex

One of the more impressive retro/Swedish death metal releases of the last few years was from the Czech Republic’s Grave-ly named Brutally Deceased, Dead Lover’s Guide, released in 2010 on Lavadome Productions. Well a long four years later with the scene potentially a little saturated and on another home country based label, the band has […]

Horse Latitudes – Black Soil LP

You know that ominous drone that sets off every record that’s supposed to have a “dark” atmosphere? It’s here. Don’t get me wrong, I love that drone. You hold a note for 79 minutes and put it on a CDr; I’ll buy it, or at least download it from your BandCamp. You know that growly […]