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Brutally Deceased – Satanic Corpse

A number of bands are vying to replace Dismember; Notably Interment, Infected Chaos, Smothered, Unwilling Flesh and others. However, here come the Czech Republic’s Brutally Deceased, formerly a much more Grave/Entombed inspired band with album number 3 to arguably jump ahead of everyone and claim the Dismember throne. Whereas the band’s last two fine albums, […]

Brutally Deceased – Black Infernal Vortex

One of the more impressive retro/Swedish death metal releases of the last few years was from the Czech Republic’s Grave-ly named Brutally Deceased, Dead Lover’s Guide, released in 2010 on Lavadome Productions. Well a long four years later with the scene potentially a little saturated and on another home country based label, the band has […]

Interview with Brutally Deceased

It’s not rocket science, folks. It goes something like this. A guy like Tomáš Halama readily admits that he enjoys old school Stockholm Death Metal and recognizes bands like Dismember and Entombed as the official representatives of said style. Then instead of pretending that it’s a bad thing to play anything based on an existing blueprint, he takes what he enjoys and does his damnedest to write it, record, and play it with the utmost passion and authenticity. That’s exactly what Brutally Deceased Dead Lover’s Guide (Lavadome Productions) sounds like: passionately played, well written, Stockholm style death that rumbles, gurgles, and stinks of rotting flesh. Who the hell is going to argue with that combination? Not I and certainly not Tomáš.

Brutally Deceased – Dead Lovers’ Guide

It appears Eastern Europe is experiencing a resurgence in bands playing old school Swedish death metal. Led by the Czech Republic’s Morbider (who’s 2009 CD When Darkness Returns, I highly recommend, especially if you enjoyed Entrails‘ effort last year) and the debut from Lavadome Records, Brutally Deceased’s Dead Lover’s Guide. Swedish death metal aficionados will […]