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Cambion – Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium

In folklore/mythology, a cambion is the unholy offspring of a Succubus or Incubus and a human sexing it up. In this case, for this particular Cambion, the Succubus is The Netherlands’ Centurian (yes, I made Centurian the female sex-demon in this scenario) and that human vessel is Pete Helmkamp of Angelcorpse/Abhomine fame as this Texas […]

Ad Vitam Infernal – Infernal Comedy

Well here is a unique release.  French death metal band Ad Vitam Infernal debuts with their first full length record Infernal Comedy.  This group consists of Jerome Mahe on guitars and bass and Samuel Girard on vocals.  Both of these guys program the drums.  This is kind of surprising to discover writing this review as […]

Eskhaton – Omegalitheos

Lavadome isn’t the most production label out there, but when they do release something, its usually pretty darn top notch (i.e. Epoch, Zealotry, Destroying Divinity, Heaving Earth, Chaos Inception). And that continues with the third full length album from Australia’s Eskhaton, Omegalitheos, a splendidly  and typically murky and muddy delivery of Australian death metal chaos. In […]

Pestifer – Execration Diatribes

The suddenly very productive and quality laden Portuguese metal scene (Goldenpyre, Prayers of Sanity, An Ominous Circle, Switchtense, Primal Attack), has kicked out a dose of old school death metal with the debut from Pestifer, a no frills Deicide,  Altars of Madness era Morbid Angel influenced band. There’s not much else to say really, Execration Diatribes […]

Epoch – Sacrosanct

If anything could be said about Epoch, it would have to be the fact that the band is a bit of a mystery. Being wholly unfamiliar with the group or its sole album Sacrosanct, (originally a digital only release in 2015; now seeing a physical release this year, via Lavadome Productions) I tried to do […]

Dominhate – Emissaries of Morning EP

Boy, I’m a shameful idiot for missing out on Italian death metal decapitators Dominhate and their debut full-length Towards the Light.  What I’m hearing on the band’s EP follow-up Emissaries of Morning is a band in complete control of the craft with every switch, flinch and twitch that made me a fan of the style […]

Zealotry – The Last Witness

I enjoyed Bostonian’s Zealotry’s 2013 debut, The Charnal Expanse.  I really enjoyed Defeated Sanity’s Lille Gruber’s drum work on the album.  It was some of the best of his career, regarding the progressive moments.  The new Zealotry brings in Alex Zalatan, as the drummer, and couples some more session musicans, but leaves Pat Tougas intact, […]

Ad Nauseam – Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum

Italy’s Ad Nauseam have put out the best technical death metal album of the year.  Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum is the band’s debut and this is mind bending ultra brutal technical death metal.  Take aspects of Gorguts/Ulcerate and Gigan.  Catch my drift?  This is atmospheric, monolithic, avant garde and disturbing sounding death metal.  This makes […]

Destroying Divinity – Hollow Dominion

Despite being a few weeks into 2015, the late 2014 releases are still rolling in. And while the fourth album from the Czech Republic’s Destroying Divinity (yes , the Monstrosity song), isn’t a game changer, and probably would not have adorned many 2014 year end lists, it is a very good death metal album that […]

Heaving Earth – Denouncing the Holy Throne

Much like label and country mates Destroying Divinity, the Czech Republic’s aptly named Heaving Earth make no bones about their primary influences, and any death metal fan can quickly ascertain such simply based on the track names, album name cover art and palette. And then you press play and while the instantly recognizable throes of […]

Perversity – Infamy Aflame EP

After storming out of the gate with their first two releases, Brutally Deceased‘s Grave worshiping Dead Lovers Guide and Chaos Inception’s excellent, Nile busting The Abrogation, Czech label Lavadome productions went quiet for a bit. However, they are back in business in 2014 with new releases from Chaos Inception and Destroying Divinity in the works […]

Chaos Inception – The Abrogation

Hailing from the same neck of the woods as the recently reviewed Ectovoid, Alabama’s Chaos Inception have dropped a fine death metal album by way of their sophomore album, The Abrogation. And for those that are a little disappointed with Nile‘s At the Gate of Sethu, (or a least its production) and are still miffed […]

Perversity – Ablaze

After the awesome old school Grave worship of Lavadome’s first release, Brutally Deceased‘s Dead Lovers Guide, I was excited to see yet another Lavadome release in my mail box, this time from Perversity, a relatively long running Slovakian death metal band. And while I was a little disappointed that this wasn’t more old school Swedish […]

Brutally Deceased – Dead Lovers’ Guide

It appears Eastern Europe is experiencing a resurgence in bands playing old school Swedish death metal. Led by the Czech Republic’s Morbider (who’s 2009 CD When Darkness Returns, I highly recommend, especially if you enjoyed Entrails‘ effort last year) and the debut from Lavadome Records, Brutally Deceased’s Dead Lover’s Guide. Swedish death metal aficionados will […]