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Perversity – Infamy Aflame EP

After storming out of the gate with their first two releases, Brutally Deceased‘s Grave worshiping Dead Lovers Guide and Chaos Inception’s excellent, Nile busting The Abrogation, Czech label Lavadome productions went quiet for a bit. However, they are back in business in 2014 with new releases from Chaos Inception and Destroying Divinity in the works […]

Perversity – Ablaze

After the awesome old school Grave worship of Lavadome’s first release, Brutally Deceased‘s Dead Lovers Guide, I was excited to see yet another Lavadome release in my mail box, this time from Perversity, a relatively long running Slovakian death metal band. And while I was a little disappointed that this wasn’t more old school Swedish […]

PERVERSITY To Release New Album Via Lavadome Productions In August – Sample And Details Revealed

Lavadome productions is proud to announce the signing of Slovakian Death Metal marauders, PERVERSITY, for the release of band’s upcoming fourth album, “Ablaze”, due out on August 31, 2011. “Ablaze” is about to prove what PERVERSITY’s revitalized and exhilarating line-up is capable of. An intro plus nine tracks deliver skillfully executed, unrelentingly bludgeoning death metal […]