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Insane Vesper – Layil

Insane Vesper has been on my auditory radar for a bit now. Mainly brought to my attention was the album Abomination of Death, that cover artwork and logo just intrigued me from the get go, I decided to delve further and see what the music had to offer, checked a few audio clips and was further enticed. […]

Seagrave – Stabwound

Don’t always trust tags that someone pulls out of their ass; always listen and decide for yourself.  The labelling of “post-rock/blackened hardcore” for Vienna auteurs of execution, Seagrave and the debut album Stabwound doesn’t even begin to do justice.  Post-rock always makes me think of something gorgeous, dreamy, hypnotic, etc.  Sure, the guitar work on […]

Acacia – Tills döden skiljer oss åt

I had wanted to give this album the attention it deserved last year, but circumstances conspired against it. The digital promo impressed me enough to want a physical copy for review. Unfortunately, North American distribution was nonexistent, so it quickly became lost in the stampede of amazing 2013 releases that were available in US distros. […]