Malaysia’s Humiliation return with their 9th long player and singer, Bear Bee recently informed me they will be recording their 10th full-length album quite soon.  By now you know what’s in store for you with Humiliation’s writing and musical direction.  War-themed death metal lyrics with music heavily influenced by: Bolt Thrower/Hail of Bullets/Asphyx, Six Feet Under (early) and Obituary.  The band understands their formula and are quite comfortable with it, similar to Jungle Rot, in terms of musical output.

On average Humiliation releases a new full-length album every year and in their relatively short existence have put out more full-length albums than most bands who have been around for 30+ years.  Yes, while some albums shine more than others, I really enjoy Humiliation’s catchy brand of heavy rumbling tank-tread grenade launching death metal.  The band mix a few up a few things with each release.  Their last album, No Escape, contained faster moments which were maybe missing from past albums and while I enjoyed No Escape I did mention in that review the production of the album was a bit of backward slide.  Production values have been stepped up on Regiment and this time around while we get the smatterings of some fast parts mixed in, the band goes back to incorporating a little more doom-heaviness on several of the songs and as I have said in the past, these moments shine.

“Execution Outline Plan” starts things off in a very Six Feet Under (Haunted) influenced fashion with some jumpy and fun heaviness to the song.  Really no frills bullshit old school death metal.  The double bass soon kicks in reminding us of their Bolt Thrower heavy influence with excellent rumbling heaviness.  One of the strongest songs Humiliation has opened an album with and then Boom!  Like a tank cannon demolishing a small city the doom-laden Asphyx inspired moment comes in and creates unrelenting havoc.  I am so happy they are interjecting more of these elements this time around.   Terrific freaking song.  “State of Lawlessness” starts with Bolt Thrower like heaviness and after a bit of instrumentation, Bear comes in with his signature throaty snarling vocals.  The song is slightly above mid-paced speed, then slows down to the double bass rumbling heaviness and the guitar riff is very catchy.  Nice undercurrent of bass guitar heaviness and the trebly nature which marred No Escape, is a thing of the past on Regiment.  “Fall of Jitra” comes raging through with the fast opening segment, before going into Sherman Tank-like rumbling flesh crushing, bone shattering, sinewy splintering limb heaviness.  The doomy feel returns as well.

“Where Doom Prevails”, even before the song started, I was like I better be getting some crushing doom death heaviness.  Of course that is what is in store for us.  The opening riff and plodding nature of the song, really smashes home and picks up the cityscape and demolishes it with a Juggernaut bulldozing doom heaviness.  Suffocating, heavy and chest-collapsing all at the same time.  The song picks up a little speed, and the smashing cymbals are used to great effect, before a nice drum roll takes us back to the plodding doom death moments.  In my top 5 of best Humiliation songs the band has ever released.  With 10 songs the album is right around the 50” mark.

This is one of the best Humiliation albums and really takes all their elements and with the addition of the doom death moments again, truly delivers in a quality death metal album.  Production is excellent, no instrument is buried and all the Humiliation nuances are there in all their g(l)ory.  The 8-panel booklet is well designed equipped with lyrics and a band photo.  I enjoy the sepia toned drawing, this time around, and when the front and back panel are extended creates an expanded album cover.  Along with their music Humiliation always delivers on the quality and presentation of their product, this is the same with their high quality merchandise.  Humiliation’s Regiment is a buy or die in my war book!!


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Written by Frank Rini
March 22nd, 2019


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