Hope for the Dying

Man, after the bands 2009 self titled debut EP, I said I’d keep an eye on these Christian shredders in hope they would deliver something better. And boy did they ever!

I didn’t quite see anything this good coming though.

Adding a dramatic symphonic element to their early A Plea For Purging/ Woe of Tyrants arpeggio filled shreddage, Hope For the Dying have delivered a sumptuous slab of solo filled, gloriously epic, thrash/melodic death metal/metalcore that sees improved song writing and improved clean vocal injections from the debut and the end result is killer album chock full of memorable moments.

The keyboards almost reach symphonic black metal or Across the Sun levels of grandiosity to the mix, glossing the solid riffs and almost never ending solos with a dramatic flare. Buts it’s not all just window dressing as despite the arpeggio being over used by many bands, Hope For the Dying use and deliver them perfectly for the albums 54-minute, concept based duration.

Dissimulation is literally brimming with thrashing galloping riffs and the oodles of the aforementioned awesome sweep arpeggios. Right out of the gate, “Vacillation”, starts and overflows with absolutely gorgeous solo, a strong clean chorus and somber piano closeout tying it all together.  A surprisingly blistering blast beat break up the melodic and majestic  black /death metal throes of “Orison” before the albums first of three 7 minute first centerpieces in “Transcend”, where the synths take a decidedly Dimmu Borgir-ish turn with more horns and trumpets over the Unearth riffage (3;14- 4:00 its just awesome synergy).

The three part “The Awakening” is the next attention getter (along with the intro to “Perpetual Ruin”), with part one being another 7-minute symphonic shred fest, but with some nice restraint and mid paced restraint coinciding with the story’s ebb and flow and part two “Dissimulation” delivering the epic, arpeggio laden climax and female vocal tinged chorus before the short but epic closure of “The Veil Lifted”. The album closes with another 7 minute track in “Derison” which again brings stern marching, Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropy era Dimmu Borgir and a little violin segue and orchestral ending to put a nice little bow on the album and the concept.

Ultimately, Christian metal haters are still gonna hate, but they’ll be missing out on a very nifty CD from a band who look to be ready to make the jump to the big time in the metal scene, and not just the Christian one.

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Written by Erik T
July 18th, 2011


  1. Commented by: Nick Taxidermy

    man, didn’t The Berzerker already have an album with almost the same name?

  2. Commented by: Yann

    I preordered this album after hearing “Transcend” and was quite impressed. I love how each song flows into the next; it’s like a 54-minute metal symphony. My only hope for the future is more death growls as opposed to (or at least mixed in with) metalcore screams. Of course I’m a MDM guy… this band and Demon Hunter are the only metalcore I listen to.

  3. Commented by: Jesse Wolf

    Awesome band!

  4. Commented by: Staylow

    This album is pretty solid, gave it a few spins. Didn’t blow me away or anything, but it’s solid. Not a big fan of the vocals, but the music is pretty sharp. Nice review big E.

  5. Commented by: gabaghoul

    yeah I’m impressed as well, much more color than most deathcore out there and the songs flow well. wish the vocals were rougher, the hardcore shouts don’t do it for me. good find E

  6. Commented by: gabaghoul

    and I love that jazzy interlude towards the end of Transcend, totally unexpected

  7. Commented by: faust

    Good album, quite of bit of talent in the band, and the cleans are actually pretty good too.

  8. Commented by: Storm King

    My god, the leads and keyboards on this CD are fantastic. My mind was blown from the opening leads on “Vacillation” and it just kept getting better. Wouldn’t know they were a Christian band if I hadn’t been told, either. Amazing band.

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