Horrific Demise
Excruciating Extermination

The mid-west part of the US has always been a hotbed of brutal and killer death metal.  This album features current and former members of bands such as: Lividity, Putrid Pile, Necrotic Disgorgement, Regurgitation and Gorgasm, just to name a few, in case you were counting.  Matt Bishop (longtime friend) on vocals/guitar, Tony Tipton-guitar, Phil Good-bass, Kyle Christman-drums and Anthony Voight on vocals. Excruciating Extermination is Horrific Demise’ debut album and on Comatose Music you know it’s gotta be brutal.  9 songs in 31 minutes to ensure you stop filibustering at your next stupid work meeting.

“Born from Brutality” begins with some nice Spanish inspired acoustic guitar work-super sweet and then not so sweet with the punishing triggered as fuck double bass comes in to smother you with nice guitars and great, Glen Benton inspired dual layered vocals.  The slow down at about the 90 second mark had me playing tetherball so damn hard I knocked the ball off the string and it went through a thousand city blocks.  I really love the undercurrent of that bass guitar.  Nicely played and some great pinch harmonics that will slice your pathetic head of your body that should have been donated to National Geographic in 1982.  “Cleansing the Putrescense” is insanely awesome with the monster heaviness in the beginning and then slowing back down and the band sticking with the riff is smart-since it’s so catchy.  Then we get some isolated guitar parts and I’m like here is the Holy Shit part and it sure is with the drum roll, isolated guttural growl and then right into that TAF double bass sound.  The mid-part is so ferocious.  Super freaking heavy and then the classic guitar solos is a thing of beauty.  The way the song slows down towards the end will have you picking up change and two-stepping all damn day.

“Religious Hypocrisy” is the song of the album.  With some preaching going on in the beginning and then killer mid-paced rumbling heaviness and James Murphy inspired guitar soloing.  The monster heaviness of the 1.20 part is so damn vicious-one of the most punishing moments for 2019.  The isolated guitar part comes in and then that slam is so earth shattering heavy it borders on the ridiculous.  However Horrific Demise brings in those melodic solos to break things up and they really add a flair I was not expecting on this album.  I just thought Excruciating Extermination would be non-stop brutality from start to finish and while most of it is, the band adding in the amount of guitar solos on the album, shows quite a creative edge and separating themselves from the pack of all the other brutal death metal bands out there that continue to populate out of every orifice in the earth.  Yes the scene is oversaturated so you, as a band, have to differentiate yourself in order to show some originality and Horrific Demise does it effortlessly.  So crushing.  The rest of the songs follow the same path, but “Religious Hypocrisy” is the best album song and must be in their live set-no questions.  Well actually since the entire album is so short they can play the entire album live-bonus.  The ending of the album ends just as the album opened with the acoustic moments-nice tie in.

The production on Excruciating Extermination is crisp, clean and heavy.  I love the bass guitar sound, the guitar solos, snare and vocals.  The typewriter double bass grates on me.  I prefer more of a natural sounding double bass sound that will collapse chest cavities, and the double bass on this album sometimes is a bit overkill. But I must say through all that blasting and punishing moments the mix is spot on and the guitars are never once drowned out.  It’s common for brutal bands albums to have a wonky mix during the blasting moments where the guitars lose their luster, but not once on this album.

I am proud of Matt for getting this act up and running and Tony “I tip more than 20%” Tipton and the rest of the fellas for putting out a home run of a brutal death metal album, with an album cover that is just incredible.  I must get it on a shirt.  The cd layout has lyrics, liners and pics.  Nicely designed. Excruciating Extermination is a buy or die or risk being part of a Maggot Ridden Human Feast.


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Written by Frank Rini
November 26th, 2019


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