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Hate – Solarflesh

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve waited almost 4 years, but it’s finally arrived:  the new Behemoth album!  Nergal has thankfully returned back to full health following his illness, and he and his fellow band mates are… wait… what is that?  You’re telling me this is NOT the new Behemoth?!?  Huh?!  Get through the intro, and there’s […]

Hate – Erebos

There’s an old adage in American Football: You should never lose your staring job to injury. While Drew Bledsoe, Trent Green and Joe Montana might beg to differ, here comes Poland’s Hate to ably replace Behemoth while Nergal recovers from his recently diagnosed leukemia (get well soon!). Long waiting in the shadows of the likes […]

Polish death metallers Hate set to release live album out in June

Metal Mind Productions presents Hate – a death metal band with blackened death metal and industrial metal influences. The band, created in 1990, has a cult status on Polish death metal scene and is one of the most outstanding artists of the extreme music of today. „The Litanies of Satan” is their live album featuring […]

Hate – Morphosis

While Decapitated, Behemoth and Vader are considered Polish death metal royalty, there’s a second tier of the Polish death metal aristocracy headed up by the likes of Yattering, Trauma, Crionics and underlooked veterans, Hate. Not only buried under the prestige of their own country mates, but also 2008’s slew of killer death metal, comes Hate’s […]