Polish death metallers Hate set to release live album out in June

Metal Mind Productions presents Hate – a death metal band with blackened death metal and industrial metal influences. The band, created in 1990, has a cult status on Polish death metal scene and is one of the most outstanding artists of the extreme music of today.

The Litanies of Satan” is their live album featuring a recording of a supreme death metal performance from February 2004. The tracklist contains mainly songs from their album “Awakening of the Liar” plus some older, classic compositions. Metal Mind Production will release the album on 8th June in Europe and 14th July in USA (via MVD). Digipak edition is limited to 1000 copies.

The Litanies Of Satan

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0667 DG
Barcode: 5907785034822
Format: CD DG (limited edition)
Genre: death metal
Release date: 08.06.2009 Europe / 14.07.2009 USA


1. Hex
2. Immolate The Pope
3. The Shroud
4. The Scrolls
5 Anti-God Extremity
6. Demigod
7. Close To The Nephilim
8. The Sin Becomes
9. The Kill
10. Postmortem
11. Awakening Of The Liar
12. Spirit Of Gospa
13. Flagellation
14. No Life After Death
15. Sectarian Murder

Elements of four combative forces joined together in a distinctive array of musical elation with merging from death metal intensity creating a wicked art form known as HATE. Twisting into formation in 1990 by vocal guitarist ATF Sinner who brought forth an energy unmatched by others in Poland’s extreme scene raising interest to those seeking diabolical resurrection. Creating a being completely their own HATE’s first three demos released in the early 90’s Abhorrence, Evil Art and The Unwritten Law stirred critical acclaim by the underground scene gaining new fan victims as well as forming the ‘Polish death metal phenomenon’. Taking a serious turn in their musical outlook the band recorded their first album Daemon Qui Fecit Terram (1996) by Loud Out Records setting the course for two other releases Lord is Avenger (1998) and an EP Victims (1999) by Metal Minds Productions. Establishing themselves as a proven act caught the attention of America’s Dwell Records signing the group adding their version of Slayer’s Postmortem included on compilation Gateways To Hell: Tribute To Slayer, Vol 2. (2000). Serious events took form in HATE’s career leading them to sign with French based label Listenable Records launching severity with Awakening of the Liar (2004) bringing the band to the forefront in metal. Acknowledged as one of the hardest bands in death metal their album captivated fans increasing their likeness among European audiences. Kicking off their first European tour (Feb. 2005) with Decapitated, Crionics and Dies Irae, they completed shooting video material for a DVD called The Litanies of Satan (2004) which Metal Mind Productions showcased later. Introducing a new level of musical intensity the group proved an unstopped force this time with their second album Anaclasis-A Haunting Gospel of Malice & Hatred (2005) taking the sound above and beyond. Combining industrial sampling with compositional changes the group redefined their presentation with lyrical depth touching dark thought provoking content. Describing Anaclasis as originality as it’s best by metal music critics the band received outstanding reviews land-marking them as one of the best upcoming talents. Shortly after the hateful four hit the European tour road with Carpathian Forest and Keep of Klassin also appearing on two festivals Party.San Open Air (July 2006) and Czech Rep. Winter Assault (Dec. 2006). Bringing on another touring gig HATE was accompanied once more by Decapitated sharing twenty show dates in Feb. 2007. Venturing groundbreaking shows in Russia the group headlined ‘Metal Spirit Resurrection Tour Vol. 4 (April 2007) that had the band stage twelve major city concerts some of which the band was a first performance from outside that country. Spring 2007 bestowed their ‘Rebel Angels’ tour in Poland following Vh1’s Music Channel debating subject matter on Satanism which the group shared views due to being on Poland’s blacklisted artists of being banned. Nevertheless the group persisted on despite political differences that were expressed by one of Poland’s politicians and others did not diminish HATE’s musical course. July of 2007 sparked musical vengeance preparing the group to enter Hertz Studio again with creating another sinister effort titled Morphosis released worldwide on February 8th, 2008