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Metal Mind Productions to Release 10 Disc Sinister box Set

Metal Mind Productions is proud to announce the release of the exclusive box containing the full discography of one of the best death metal bands around – Sinister. The box entitled “Altered Since Birth” contains 8 studio albums, live DVD, a compilation of demo tracks plus a booklet containing a full biography based on an […]

Disharmonic Orchestra – Ahead (Reissue)

Re-issues are a hit or miss affair, but Poland’s Metal Mind have generally been spot on with their re-issue catalog (Godgory, Annihilator, Artillery, Atrophy, Believer, Brutality, Defiance just to name a few) but when the source material is as oddball and divisive as the 2002 release from Disharmonic Orchestra, they are a bit hamstrung. I […]

Godgory – Way Beyond (Reissue)

As part of the second tier of melodic death metal in the mid to late 90, Sweden’s Godgory never got the international acclaim or attention of their more energetic peers despite a solid four album catalog from 1996 to 2001. Partly mired in the middle of Nuclear Blast releasing endless mediocre stuff like Agathodaimon, Crematory, […]

Metal Mind set to re-release 3 albums by The Kovenant

Re-release of 3 albums by one of the most intriguing bands from Scandinavia – The Kovenant! Type:The Kovenant is certainly one of the most intriguing bands ever to emerge on the Scandinavian metal scene. Throughout their career they went through name, line-up and style changes, constantly developing their musical formula in every possible way. Metal […]

Metal Mind Productions to re-issue Misery Index’s Retaliate’.

How often do you meet a band that ties together brilliant songwriting, flawless technique, mad intensity and a thought-provoking lyrical content to boost? When it comes to extreme metal, it’s really difficult to find the complete package. Maybe that’s why “Retaliate” by Misery Index is such an important album. It shows that the impossible is […]

Metal Mind to Re-issue 4 Sinister albums

Sinister is perhaps one of the most underrated death metal acts ever to emerge on the 90’s metal scene. In 1988 they begun their quest for metal annihilation, recording several demos and EPs which slowly paved the way for future success. Today, after releasing eight LPs and one DVD, Sinister can proudly stand next to […]

Polish death metallers Hate set to release live album out in June

Metal Mind Productions presents Hate – a death metal band with blackened death metal and industrial metal influences. The band, created in 1990, has a cult status on Polish death metal scene and is one of the most outstanding artists of the extreme music of today. „The Litanies of Satan” is their live album featuring […]

Artillery returns with a brand new studio album!!!!

Artillery – one of the best thrash metal bands around returns with a brand new studio album! New material entitled “When Death Comes” will be their first studio release since the 1999’s album “B.A.C.K“!!!!! Denmark’s Artillery is one of Europe’s earliest exponents of thrash metal and the band’s contribution to the bourgeoning genre is difficult […]

Acid Drinkers – 3 albums available in a new remastered edition

Acid Drinkers are to this day the best and the most spectacular thrash metal band in Poland. During their long and eventful career they played over 500 concerts, including still well remembered gigs at Jarocin festival, Metalmania, Węgorzewo, Przystanek Woodstock or Odjazdy. They supported such metal giants as Deep Purple, Megadeth, Bruce Dickinson, Sepultura, Paradise […]

Metal Mind to re-issue Opprobrium (aka Incubus) back catalogue

Opprobrium – this death/thrash monstrosity has been infecting the metal scene for more than 20 years now, at first using the name Incubus and then changing it in to Opprobrium in 1997. Metal Mind Productions will release Opprobrium’s newest offering entitled “Mandatory Evac” on 10th November 2008 Europe / 20th January 2009 in USA along […]

Tower of Spite by Cerebral Fix – re-issue out in October!

Cerebral Fix – English thrash/death metal band formed in Birmingham in 1986. They became members of the UK thrash metal and death metal scenes through four albums, three of which were on major labels before finally disbanding in 1993. In 2006, the band announced its reformation. They have an album’s worth of new material, but […]

Pitchshifter’s Deviant to be re-issued in September

Metal Mind Productions presents the re-release of fifth studio album from 2000 by Pitchshifter – the British metal/industrial metal band. “Deviant” may be considered their softest album, with some very radio-friendly content. “Microwaved”, “Genius” and “Disposable” include some of the noisy sound parts common in the band’s previous songs, but the “Deviant” sound is completely […]

Metal Mind Productions to re-issue Withered Beauty album

Withered Beauty -A  hidden gem waiting to be rediscovered!  The modern metal scene holds many secrets, many of them buried so deep they’re impossible to find. But every once in a while one a secret gets revealed and returns back to glory – Withered Beauty is certainly one of those hidden gems waiting to be […]

Metal Mind Productions to release Remastered edition of Artillery’s ‘Terror Squad’ album

Back in the 80’s Artillery were one of the biggest European thrash sensations on the scene characterized by intense, energetic riffing and unique vocals of Flemming Ronsdorf, somewhat reminiscent of Slayer and Megadeth from the same era. “Terror Squad”, their second full-length album first released in 1997, is definitely Artillery’s shining moment with lots of […]

Metal Mind Productions to re-issue second Defiance album “Void Terra Firma”

Defiance – thrash metal band formed in 1985 by Brad Bowers (guitar), Mike Kaufmann (bass) and Matt Vander Ende (drums) belonged to the San Francisco thrash fraternity of the late 80’s, along with bands like Testament, Exodus or Forbidden. Today Metal Mind Productions presents re-release of Void Terra Firma in a new digipak edition limited […]

Soulreaper – re-issue of the debut album out soon

What happens when a group of people strongly devoted to the death & black metal scene decides to join forces and form a band together? You might say it depends on the people, but when you’re talking about ex-members of the Swedish juggernaut Dissection you can be sure that this newborn formation will deliver some […]

Metal Mind to reissue No Return’s “Machinery”

No Return is one of the most original and inspiring modern bands on the French metal scene. Blending traditional 80’s thrash and progressive death metal with futuristic industrial metal, the group delivers a truly phenomenal mixture of power and passion. “Machinery“, the band’s fifth full-length release, remains one of their finest offerings, bringing a heavy […]

Metal Mind to reissue Righteous Pigs albums

For as long as anyone can remember, Las Vegas – known also as ‘Sin City’ – has always been a home to various lounge artists, cabarets and musical shows. Not much room was left for other genres, especially those from the extreme bunch. Nevertheless, four brave men decided to form their band nowhere else but […]

Afflicted – re-release of the debut album

Afflicted debuted when the Swedish metal scene was crawling with Entombed and Unleashed clones, all far from any originality. The Stockholm five-piece had a different approach towards death metal – they offered complex and intriguing music, reaching far beyond the typical Swedish school of metal. Their first and most acclaimed album – Prodigal Sun – […]

Exhorder reissues available soon.

The 80’s and early 90’s metal scene was known for being overcrowded with thrash metal acts, one more repetitive than the other. But despite this generic flood, there were a few names back then that gave new meaning to the word “thrash”. One of them was the Louisiana-based Exhorder, a band who had a massive […]

Metal Mind to remaster and reissue all three Brutality albums

For some bands it’s the place of origin that determines their music, and Brutality is certainly among them. The group hails from Tampa, Florida – the capitol of American death metal. Unfortunately, being overshadowed by death giants like Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and Decide, Brutality never managed to get the proper acclaim for their work. Metal […]

Believe Signs to Metal Mind Productions

Metal Mind Productions is proud to announce its new signing. Believe, a fantastic art-rock band, is a new addition to the catalogue. The band, created by guitarist Mirek Gil, should be known already by fans of Collage and Satellite. Not only was Mirek a founding member of Collage, but he played with Satellite as well. […]

Delight – Eternity

Hailing from Poland, Delight is yet another name to take a bite of the female-fronted gothic metal cake. And in the light of the recent listening experiences I’ve had with groups of such nature, I couldn’t avoid the emotions of extreme prejudice and skepticism. For the bands benefit I was sure that their third album, […]

Thy Disease – Cold Skin Obsession

Here’s an interesting one, Polish death metal ala Behemoth and Lost Soul, mixed with Nocturnus-like futuristic “spacey” synths. The result isn’t all bad, which is mainly due to the merits of convincing death metal played under all the superfluous keyboards. The mix is a little odd but the synth/death mix never is as engaging or […]

Asgaard – XIII Voltum Lunae

My familiarity with Asgaard extends only back in time to 2001’s Ex Oriente Lux which I picked up on a whim, having never heard the band before. Before I get too deep into my opinions on the new disc, let me say I didn’t look to find their three previous recordings. Some background, then, is […]