Metal Mind Productions to Release 10 Disc Sinister box Set

Metal Mind Productions is proud to announce the release of the exclusive box containing the full discography of one of the best death metal bands around – Sinister.

The box entitled “Altered Since Birth” contains 8 studio albums, live DVD, a compilation of demo tracks plus a booklet containing a full biography based on an exclusive interview, the complete discography, lyrics to all songs and a selection of amazing archive photos. The cover artwork was done by the well known Polish graphic designer – Graal.

This Dutch band has been polluting the scene with its vile and marvelously brutal music for over 20 years, which easily makes them one of the most recognizable European extreme bands of all times. The group’s impressive discography of nine LPs and one DVD is a testimony of undying devotion to brutal aggressive music. This collection captures the true essence of Sinister, delivering 10 discs of powerful and mind-crushing death metal…

The box includes the following albums:

CD 1 – Demo-Nica (compilation)

CD 2 – Cross The Styx

Bonus tracks:

1. Epoch of Denial (live)

2. Cross the Styx (live)

CD 3 – Diabolical Summoning

Bonus track:

1. Sadistic Intent (live)

CD 4 – Hate & Bastard Saints

Bonus track:

1. To Mega Therion (live)

CD 5 – Aggresive Measures

Bonus tracks:

1. Into the Forgotten (live)

2. Enslave the Weak (live)

CD 6 – Creative Killings

Bonus track:

1. Bleeding Towards the Wendigo (live)

CD 7 – Savage Or Grace

Bonus track:

1. Barbaric Order (live)

CD 8 – Afterburner

Bonus tracks:

1. The Grey Massacre (live)

2. Men Down (live)

3. Altruistic Suicide (live)

4. Afterburner (live)

CD 9 – The Silent Howling

DVD – Prophecies Denied

Metal Mind Productions set the release date for 14th February in Poland, 21st February in Europe and 5th April in USA. Full details to be announced soon.