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Brutality – Sea of Ignorance

When considering the importance of the classic Florida death metal scene, unfortunately and rather undeservedly, Brutality is often left off the list of luminaries that grew said scene into possibly the most influential hub of creativity on the planet, yet they were there from the beginning and played just as big a part as their […]

Interview With Brutality

The US and mainly fertile Floridian death metal explosion of the early 90s is stuff of legend; Death, Cynic, Atheist, Obituary, Deicide, Nocturnus, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and the Morrisound ‘sound produced some of the best death ever, that to this day is considered seminal and whose influnce is still going well over 25 years later. Well in 1993 a band called Brutality released Screams of Anguish on label monsters Nuclear Blast, and while it arguably juuuuuust missed the genre’s peak its more classical based style insured that it rubbed shoulders with some of the classics of the day.

Brutality – Ruins of Humans EP

Florida’s Brutality return with their first official recording since the outstanding 1996 album, In Mourning.  We only get 2 songs, but they are really good songs and this also marks the return of the original band logo. The 8 minute title track opens the album and the return of the signature Brutality blast beats hits […]

Metal Mind to remaster and reissue all three Brutality albums

For some bands it’s the place of origin that determines their music, and Brutality is certainly among them. The group hails from Tampa, Florida – the capitol of American death metal. Unfortunately, being overshadowed by death giants like Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and Decide, Brutality never managed to get the proper acclaim for their work. Metal […]