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Misanthropy Apotheosis – Against Your Filthy Kind ep

Greece’s  Misanthropy Apotheosis released their debut album, Black Death Euphoria, in 2018.  I have perused it, but need to go back and spend some more time with it.  It’s pretty brutal and well-played death metal.  It was self-released and really went unnoticed.  Since I love all obscure bands I was very happy when Repulsive Echo […]

Yoth Iria – Under His Sway EP

I consider Kostas Vaxevanos, owner of Repulsive Echo Records, out of Greece, a friend.  He has been supportive of me and I of him.  I love his label and we’ve had a many discussions over the years.  When he makes music recommendations I listen.  He recently informed me about a band he was planning on […]

Psalm, The – I EP (Reissue)

This sure was a little ditty of a surprise.  Never heard of The Psalm, a death metal act, hailing from Greece.  This ep, I,  was originally released a few years ago and thankfully Repulsive Echo Records have reissued and added some extra tracks.  “A Mass For The Bereaved” starts out with a weird beginning, which […]

Gutted – Bleed For Us To Live/Gutted (Reissues)

Out of print for years, Repulsive Echo’s, Kostas has brought us back both releases from Toledo Ohio’s Gutted.  Gutted were a death metal band who had some hype back in the early-mid 90’s.  These reissues are still highly sought after and probably a repressing is in order, because these reissues are difficult to find and […]

Morta Skuld – Surface (Reissue)

Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Morta Skuld released their fourth album, Surface, in 1997 on the now defunct record label System Shock.  The band had been pounding away at their grooving and punishing style of death metal for several years and guitarist/vocalist, Dave Gregor, Jason O’Connell-guitar, Jason Hellman-bass and Kent Truckenbrod showed no signs of letting up on […]

Brutality – Sea of Ignorance

When considering the importance of the classic Florida death metal scene, unfortunately and rather undeservedly, Brutality is often left off the list of luminaries that grew said scene into possibly the most influential hub of creativity on the planet, yet they were there from the beginning and played just as big a part as their […]

Oppressor – Solstice of Oppression (Reissue)

Technical death metal is almost a term that strikes immediate disappointment in my heart these days. Given the complete saturation of this sub-genre, along with the contemporary tendency to employ an over-produced sound, replete with Pro-Tools nuances, and favouring mechanical instrumental bravado over craftsmanship of a well-written piece of music, it is something I now […]