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Morta Skuld – Creation Undone

Wisconsin’s best death metal band returns with their seventh full-length album Creation Undone.  With mainman Axe Grinder and vocalist Dave Gregor fronting the band, they are on fire on this album.  And I do want to get something out of the way right now.  I really do not care how album covers are created – […]

Morta Skuld – Suffer For Nothing

I’m a big fan of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s long running death metal act – Morta Skuld.  All their releases rule and their 1993 debut Dying Remains is still a huge influence on the death metal scene today.  The band, always being more of a mid-paced demolishing type of death metal machine but still never afraid to […]

Morta Skuld – Surface (Reissue)

Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Morta Skuld released their fourth album, Surface, in 1997 on the now defunct record label System Shock.  The band had been pounding away at their grooving and punishing style of death metal for several years and guitarist/vocalist, Dave Gregor, Jason O’Connell-guitar, Jason Hellman-bass and Kent Truckenbrod showed no signs of letting up on […]

Morta Skuld – Wounds Deeper Than Time

Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Morta Skuld released a monstrous debut album in 1993, Dying Remains and I listened to it constantly.  Beyond quality death metal, with some thrash metal tendencies, but leaning more towards the brutal side of things, like Demolition Hammer and eventually some Solstice influence.  Well fast forward 24 years later and I get to […]

Morta Skuld – Through the Eyes of Death

Relapse has reissued some pretty good stuff over the last couple of years, namely the Death reissues as well as General Surgery, Convulse and Nirvana 2002, but along with a couple of the recent Dying Fetus reissues, this one is a bit of head scratcher. For some reason Relapse Records has decided to dust off and […]