Misanthropy Apotheosis
Against Your Filthy Kind EP

Greece’s  Misanthropy Apotheosis released their debut album, Black Death Euphoria, in 2018.  I have perused it, but need to go back and spend some more time with it.  It’s pretty brutal and well-played death metal.  It was self-released and really went unnoticed.  Since I love all obscure bands I was very happy when Repulsive Echo Records label owner Kostas sent me the new Misanthropy Apotheosis ep Against Your Filthy Kind

The band is made up of only 2 members: Dimon’s Night doing all the instruments and Kydoimos growling and writing the brutal lyrics.  The title track “Against Your Filthy Kind” bursts forward with a clip of a shotgun blast and then right into the monster double bass.  It’s punishing and the guitars are very heavy.  There is some nice audible bass guitar and then gets into a cool blast beat – it’s more old-school like a real fast death/thrash speed, circa 1987, rather than going full throttle blast beat.  The pace returns to the mid-paced rumbling heaviness.  The section has a bit of a Bolt Thrower feel and on their debut album they covered “The IVth Crusade” from Bolt Thrower – so there is the tie in.  Then the song gets slower and then back into the old school fast speed. The vocalist reminds me of Chris Barnes from the debut Cannibal Corpse album, Eaten Back to Life and vintage Bolt Thrower.

“All Hail the Slaughter of the Whore” is an awesome song title.  Nice opening isolated guitar riff, going right into the mid-paced rumbling heaviness.  Excellent guitar riffing where the riffs are allowed to breathe, thus making them that much more impactful.  The riffing really hits home.  If and when live shows return this song has to be in their live set.  The pit during these rumbling heavy moments would no doubt cause a violent swelling circle pit bent on causing sinkholes to then allow the band to perform in said sinkhole.  The song picks up some speed, but then gets right into the mid-paced part.

“The Devil in Your Personal Hell” is next opening with a spoken word clip and the song is slower in nature with a melodic guitar solo and then right into a nice jumpy moment having a bit of a Swedish dm flair to it and then into the rumbling heaviness.  Nice build-up at the 1.55 part and then right into a part you will want to be slam-dancing all damn day.  The jumpiness returns and the stop n go guitar riffing and drum patterns is super cool.  The second tracked guitar has the melodic edge to it which is nicely placed.  The song is bludgingly heavy and its main focus is to cause the toppling of buildings in your neighborhood.

Misanthropy Apotheosis’s Against Your Filthy Kind 3-song ep is a lot of fun.  I think the drumming, and I apologize if I am incorrect, is actually a drum machine.  It has that mechanical sound and really there are no drum rolls, it’s all very simple patterns.  They work well with the songs though and for the brand of death metal being played here.  This is prime 90’s inspired death metal with smatterings of American/European/Swedish styles.  There is nothing on this ep that you have not heard before, from other death metal bands both past and present, however with it being rooted in the 90’s sound, that is my fave death metal time period therefore I enjoy this ep.  Please like their FB page and since they’re also on Bandcamp head on over there, get the release and if they have a shirt, well it’s the holidays so order two, 1 for you and the other for a friend or family member. Shirts make great stocking stuffers.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
January 8th, 2021


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