Pitchshifter’s Deviant to be re-issued in September

Metal Mind Productions presents the re-release of fifth studio album from 2000 by Pitchshifter – the British metal/industrial metal band. “Deviant” may be considered their softest album, with some very radio-friendly content. “Microwaved”, “Genius” and “Disposable” include some of the noisy sound parts common in the band’s previous songs, but the “Deviant” sound is completely stripped of the old noises. The album is enhanced with animated video made for the track “Hidden Agenda” and screen saver. The LP comes with 30 pre-moistened samples in ready-to-loop WAV format, and also with a mini Rat Bastard comic – a subversive, futuristic graphic novel about a half rat/half human private eye. The new digipak edition is limited to 2000 copies. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on a golden disc.”Deviant” will be available on 29th September 2008 in Europe and 28th October 2008 in USA (via MVD).

Deviant” (remastered)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1232 DG
Barcode: 5907785033610
Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numerated copies)
Genre: industrial rock/metal
Release date: 29.09.2008 Europe / 28.10.2008 USA


1. Condescension
2. Wafer Thin
3. Keep It Clean
4. Forget the Facts
5. Hidden Agenda
6. Scene This
7. Dead Battery
8. As Seen on TV
9. Everything’s Fucked
10. Chump Change
11. Stronger
12. P.S.I.cological

Pitchshifter are a British metal/industrial metal band from Nottingham. Originally known as Pitch Shifter, the band was started in 1989 by Johnny A. Carter (lead guitar/programming) and Mark Clayden (bass/vocals), with Stuart Toolin (rhythm guitar) and JS Clayden (backing vocals). Along with the release of the “Submit” EP in 1992, JS Clayden stepped up to the position of lead vocalist and co-programmer. Through a few line-up changes and two incarnations, the band have released 9 studio albums and numerous singles & EPs. They have collaborated with Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), John Stanier (Helmet/Tomohawk), machine (Hed-PE/SEV/Lamb of God) and Dave Jerden (Alice In Chains/Jane’s Addiction/Offspring). During the ‘Pitch Shifter’ era they pioneered and helped push the boundaries of British industrial metal, first playing a style in the vein of and heavily influenced by the music of Godflesh, which they termed ‘Death Industrial’; fusing very heavy, down tuned, guitar riffs with sludgy drum machines, samples and harsh, mechanical ‘death grunt’ style vocals. They later experimented with various innovative techniques in electronic music, sampling and hip hop, to help create a very influential industrial metal/rock sound on their “Desensitized” and “Infotainment?” albums, establishing them as one of the most respected bands in the British alternative underground. The second era, as Pitchshifter, saw the band changing their sound significantly, now playing a fusion of rock, metal and dance music, with JS Clayden changing his singing style. This new style of alternative music, fusing elements of rock, metal, drum and bass, trip hop, techno and more was unveiled on their “www.pitchshifter.com” album, which is generally considered to be their breakthrough effort. The style was to become the band’s trademark sound, which they pioneered and progressed over the release of further studio albums such as “Deviant” and “PSI” before their amicable parting of ways, garnering a large and loyal fan base.
In the live arena Pitchshifter’s shows are legendary. From the now infamous band-induced stage invasion at the Phoenix Festival to a piano solo with a sledgehammer at the Garage Club in London, Pitchshifter’s live shows have always been incendiary. They have played main stage at the Reading Music Festival and toured the UK, USA & Europe on Ozzfest and Warped Tour. Pitchshifter visited over 25 countries worldwide alongside touring partners: Deftones, Quicksand, Tool, Fugazi, Static X, Black Sabbath, Incubus, Taproot, Hundred Reasons, Limp Bizkit and many more. Pitchshifter even gave bands like Lost Prophets and Therapy? their first breaks as support acts on the road in the UK. Pitchshifter’s music has been used in major motion pictures, trailers and soundtracks, from “Mortal Kombat” (which earned the band their first platinum sales disc) and “Paycheck” (starring Ben Affleck & Uma Thurman, directed by John Woo) to cult classic “The Crow” and oddball Sci-Fi thriller “Brainscan” starring Edward Furlong. Video games are also no strangers to the music of Pitchshifter. Hot titles such as Test Drive, Twisted Metal, SX Superstar & Rallisport Challenge 2 have all used the music of Pitchshifter to dramatically enhance the gaming experience. Pitchshifter disbanded after playing a “farewell for now” club tour of the UK in 2003 but have reunited from time to time to make random live appearances in the UK. No one can deny that Pitchshifter have lived it like no others. Always innovative, never compromising, Pitchshifter have stamped their own unique blend of guitar-laden digital chaos all over the scene, indelibly marking their place in British music history.