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Misery Index – Complete Control

I’ve reviewed the last several releases from Misery Index and knowing singer/bassist Jason Netherton all these years from my Internal Bleeding time and his stint in Dying Fetus- well those were some legendary shows folks. Time flies and Complete Control is the bands seventh full length album. If you were expecting anything less than their […]

Misery Index – Rituals of Power

Misery Index return with their 6th full-length album, Rituals of Power and for me this is the best album, thus far for 2019.  Holy Crap, Misery Index is on fire.  As much as I liked their last album, The Killing Gods, Rituals of Power is more aggressive, upping their death/grind approach to the nth degree!  […]

Misery Index- I Disavow EP

Until we are greeted with Misery Index’s sixth bone-crushing album the band gives us a little taste with the I Disavow single. A 2-song single featuring the title track and a nice cover of Nailbomb’s “Wasting Away”. Opening with “I Disavow” Misery Index are firing on all cylinders. Jason Netherton-bass/vocalist, Adam Jarvis-drums, Mark Kloeppel-guitars/vox and […]

Live Report: Misery Index, Revocation @ Fubar, St. Louis, MO 9/17/10

I love small club shows. It’s such a…it’s a much more rich experience than the big stadium/arena/amphitheater shows. To use a word that’s constantly thrown around on this very topic, the shows are much more intimate. At any given time I wanted, I could get within 5 feet of the stage – I fucking love that – so close you can smell the sweat (maybe that’s just the other gnarly concert goers standing next to me), and feel the breeze coming off the motion of windmilling guitarists hair.

Metal Mind Productions to re-issue Misery Index’s Retaliate’.

How often do you meet a band that ties together brilliant songwriting, flawless technique, mad intensity and a thought-provoking lyrical content to boost? When it comes to extreme metal, it’s really difficult to find the complete package. Maybe that’s why “Retaliate” by Misery Index is such an important album. It shows that the impossible is […]

Misery Index – Traitors

Wow. Not only have Misery Index rebounded from the slightly disappointing Discordia and returned to the full on brilliance of Retaliate, they have responded to the gauntlet thrown down by the recent Willowtip triple headed assault of Kill the Client, Phobia and Maruta as far as American grindcore in 2008 is concerned. While one could […]

Misery Index/Mumakil – Ruling Class Cancelled Split

“Class is cancelled.”The first words on Ruling Class Cancelled are bellowed by Jason Netherton of Misery Index after a riffalicious introduction, before their not-so-grandiose seven-and-a-half minute side of the split gets underway. And I mean not-so-grandiose in the best way possible; I mean, who the fuck wants grindcore that drags on forever? “Not I,” says […]

Misery Index – Discordia

Armed with a shiny new deal with Relapse and riding acclaimed criticism of their self released Dissent EP, which hinted at a legendary follow up to the scene shaking Retaliate, Misery Index appear ready to conquer the extreme metal world…Then why is it that Discordia underwhelms me? Why am I mildly disappointed? Did Retaliate and […]

Misery Index – Dissent EP

A taster EP to follow-up the ravaging Retaliate debut album, Dissent, released on the band’s own label, is a 5 song EP with the title track split into four parts. With Kevin Talley back in the fold for this EP’s recording, the drumming becomes immediately improved and is also emphasized immeasurably by a Scott Hull […]