Misery Index
I Disavow EP

Until we are greeted with Misery Index’s sixth bone-crushing album the band gives us a little taste with the I Disavow single. A 2-song single featuring the title track and a nice cover of Nailbomb’s “Wasting Away”. Opening with “I Disavow” Misery Index are firing on all cylinders. Jason Netherton-bass/vocalist, Adam Jarvis-drums, Mark Kloeppel-guitars/vox and Darin Morris-guitar really blast away with this track. The Holy Shit moment begins right off the bat with an awesome guitar riff, before a nice belch growl and right into the Misery Index signature grinding approach. Jarvis is blasting so freaking fast, almost reaching gravity blasting proportions. Netherton and Mark’s dual vocal approach is varied and angry as all hell. Wonder what they’re so pissed off about? Massive blasting and double bass. It gets to the point of relentless and one of the most intense tracks Misery Index has ever written. Nice slow down equipped with guitar solos and all. More blasting and the beginning Holy Shit moment comes right back to pick you up and slam you across the neighborhood until you are gasping for air. Killer drum rolls and fills. The 3.45 part will have some raging pits, without a doubt and Jarvis punishing us with his double bass. This track is beyond punishing.

Next up is the cover of Nailbomb’s “Wasting Away”, from Nailbomb’s only and one of the best thrash albums ever, Point Blank. Opening up with a guitar tone and drum sound creepily close to Nailbomb’s original. Netherton belching out the vocals, attempting to sound a bit like Max Cavalera, but still retaining his own vocal sound. The fast part over the chorus, seems a little restrained, unlike the original, where it’s a bit more chaotic. This chorus part does have Jarvis throw in a quick blast, after the decent guitar soling going on, later on. Then the chorus part comes back and Jarvis throws in a bit of a longer grind blast. This is so freaking intense. I love it when bands change up the originals and create a newer version while still keeping the respect and essence of the original. Misery Index really puts their own stamp on this track. Both of these tracks should be featured on their upcoming tour with Morbid Angel. Especially the I Disavow title track-this track is so pummeling I believe I knocked a few people out after listening to it. Get this single now-it’s intense.

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Written by Frank Rini
May 4th, 2018


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