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Disharmonic Orchestra – Ahead (Reissue)

Re-issues are a hit or miss affair, but Poland’s Metal Mind have generally been spot on with their re-issue catalog (Godgory, Annihilator, Artillery, Atrophy, Believer, Brutality, Defiance just to name a few) but when the source material is as oddball and divisive as the 2002 release from Disharmonic Orchestra, they are a bit hamstrung. I […]

Disharmonic Orchestra’s Second album to be re-issued by Metal Mind

Disharmonic Orchestra is one of those bands that leave you speechless after listening to just one song. Right from the get-go you simply hear the difference – it’s death metal, but not played in the way you would expect it to sound. Innovative ideas and groundbreaking patterns – all of this reinvents the sole definition […]