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Opprobrium – The Fallen Entities

If you are reading this review, I’m going to assume you know this history behind this veteran Louisiana brother act. If you don’t, here is the cliff notes version: Two brothers from Louisiana form a band called Incubus and band release two pretty influential releases in Serpent Temptation (1988) and Beyond the Unknown ( 1990) […]

Opprobrium – Serpent Temptation (Reissue)

Starting out in the late 80’s Francis Howard (Guitars) and his brother, Moyses (Drums), along with bass/vocalist Scot Latour would put together one of the most under-appreciated death/thrash bands, Incubus.  Hailing from Louisiana, Incubus would go on to put out the outstanding 1988 Serpent Temptation, debut album. They bested that 2 years later with Beyond the […]

Metal Mind to re-issue Opprobrium (aka Incubus) back catalogue

Opprobrium – this death/thrash monstrosity has been infecting the metal scene for more than 20 years now, at first using the name Incubus and then changing it in to Opprobrium in 1997. Metal Mind Productions will release Opprobrium’s newest offering entitled “Mandatory Evac” on 10th November 2008 Europe / 20th January 2009 in USA along […]