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Exhorder – Defectum Omnium

I reviewed Exhorder’s comeback album, Mourn the Southern Skies, in 2019 on TOTD.  While I enjoyed the album, and as a comeback album it was good, but still left some meat on the bone, so to speak.  There were aggressive songs, however, I felt, much of the album was marred by sludgy slow songs, that […]

Exhorder – Mourn The Southern Skies

Lots of long overdue comeback albums this year: Possessed, Sacred Reich, Nocturnus and add Exhorder to that growing list too. Longtime original members from the first 2 classic albums Slaughter in the Vatican from 1990 and The Law in 1992, Kyle Thomas-vocals and Vinnie LaBella-guitar return to the fold to resurrect this once great, but […]

Exhorder reissues available soon.

The 80’s and early 90’s metal scene was known for being overcrowded with thrash metal acts, one more repetitive than the other. But despite this generic flood, there were a few names back then that gave new meaning to the word “thrash”. One of them was the Louisiana-based Exhorder, a band who had a massive […]