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Serement – Abhorrent Invocations

My bud Alex, the owner of Dolorem Records, has once again sent me a promo for one of his bands and this time it’s for Serement, a blackened death metal band hailing from Greece.  I had never heard of the word Serement and decided to look it up but had no luck, the net kept […]

Misgivings – Misgivings

Misgivings is yet another damn fine French band label owner Alex Dolorem has sent to me. Interestingly enough, this self-titled album is their debut yet they’ve been around since 1991. The band has released many demos, went on hiatus but returned a few years ago. This is 9 songs in 35 minutes and the band […]

Nephren-Ka – From Agony To Transcendence

Nephren-Ka are a brutal death metal band from France, just like Creeping Fear, who I reviewed a while ago, also on Dolorem Records.  This is Nephren-Ka’s third album and the first I have heard from them.  This review is for the 9 song album, however there is a bonus edition with 2 cover songs, one […]