Misgivings is yet another damn fine French band label owner Alex Dolorem has sent to me. Interestingly enough, this self-titled album is their debut yet they’ve been around since 1991. The band has released many demos, went on hiatus but returned a few years ago.

This is 9 songs in 35 minutes and the band itching to finally drop their debut wastes little time as “Deny the Divine Praise” bursts through the starting gates after a brief song intro. This is a vintage Morbid Angel type of blasting and ferociousness. The blasts are furious and the double bass is crazy triggered but still not too typewriter sounding. Vocals are a powerful, yet clear barking style. The song fluctuates between blasts and mid-paced moments and some killer growls along the way. The three-minute mark has a spastic guitar solo before going into more blasting with some chaotic drum rolls which are tight AF.

As I was catching my breath “Demonically Stigmatized” decides to walk through the door with a great double bass opening and riff going right into a scorching blast. Then slow down then back into a blast with those 90’s guitar pinch harmonics slicing and dicing your body into nice little meat cubes. The blast at the 1:14 mark will have you think gravity blast and you’d be correct. The song slows down and the riffs breathe quite a bit. Melodic in nature as well and the guitar picking and soloing which follows is crafted quite nicely. The song is relentless.

“Masquerading as God” starts with insane blasting and some growls. The 1.10 mid-paced section and drumming that goes into the double bass pounding beat is killer then right into a blast. I would have liked that double-pounding moment to linger around more. More pinch harmonics and the main riff over the vicious blast is great as Morbid Angel-influenced guitar solos turn the corner and greet you with a sinister uppercut. “The Age of Christic Sorrow” is one of the highlights of the album. Monster blasting and catchy riffs. The 1.22 moment slows things down with melodic picking, ferocious double bass and stop n start blasting then right into the blasts which alternate back n forth with a vintage 90’s pace. Really well done. The chorus is catchy and will be great in a live setting.

“Ancient Fear” closes out the album with how it started with a similar atmospheric intro then right into a killer guitar solo and the solo over the mid-paced rumbling continues and not something I’ve heard in a while in a death metal album. The song then gets into more blasting than mid-paced heaviness before settling into a vintage 90’s pace. This part is the best part of the album, IMO. The pacing stays this speed throughout with sprinklings of blasts. This was the perfect album closer and also the strongest song.

Misgivings prove the French death metal scene is alive and well and Alex is a great dude for really supporting the talent in his country. I highly respect that. If you’re a Morbid Angel fan, mainly the 1991-1995 albums this will be right up your alley, and add in some vintage Deicide to boot. The production is great, organic with that 90’s flair. The band has a lot of creative riffs and I would have liked to see more of them breathe over slower moments. I think the variety they showcase on “The Age of Christic Sorrow” and especially “Ancient Fear” needs to continue on future releases. I love brutal shit like everyone else but a few slower moments will make their faster moments sound more impactful. When it’s all said and done Misgivings should be proud of finally unleashing their long overdue debut album. This is a fine display of classic death metal played with precision and it’s a lot of fun.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
August 18th, 2022


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