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Immortal Suffering – Preyed Upon

New Yorks’ Immortal Suffering return with their second full-length album and a real nice follow-up to their long awaited debut in 2015, the awesome, yet very short Asylum.  Since that record the newest member is Randall Reekstin on drums.  The rest of the band staying intact with Joe Provvisiero and Leo Bakman on guitars, John […]

Atrophied – Pendulum of Extremes

Hailing from Russia, Atrophied have been around for several years and finally have released their debut album: Pendulum of Extremes.  7 songs in under a half hour, the band wastes little time with intros and gets right into a Suffocation type of blasting with “Relentless Flow”.  The blasting actually reminds me of Suffo’s second album-Breeding […]

Cumbeast – Groovy Massacre

Stomping into view with a sound somewhere between Dying Fetus and Blood Duster, Finland’s creatively named Cumbeast is finally delivering album number three after a 7 year wait. I vaguely recall crossing paths with these guys  somewhere in my journalistic endeavors, but they didn’t really stick with me, but the aptly named Groovy Massacre certainly does. With […]

Cognitive – Cognitive

Cognitive is an up and coming young band from New Jersey, playing death metal that is of the brutal variety with a strong emphasis on technicality.  Their self released 2012 ep, The Horrid Swarm is an incredible piece of Tri-State area brutality.  They have finally secured a record deal with Spanish label, Pathologically Explicit Recordings; […]

Scent of Death – Of Martyrs’s Agony and Hate

Spain isn’t exactly known for its burgeoning brutal/technical death metal scene (Wormed is the only one that immediately comes to mind), but neither is Greece and they gave us Sickening Horror, Scotland unleashed Scordatura earlier this year and Iceland gave us Ophidian I last year also. So here is veteran but hardly prolific act Scent […]