Infernaeon announce new line up.

Florida based metal band INFERNAEON have announced the addition of several new members including Jeramie Kling formerly of The Absence.

The bands front man Brian Werner had this to say, “After that last Pyrexia tour we had a cancer within the band that needed to be removed forcefully which threatened everything that this band is trying to accomplish. Our drummer at the time ended up getting the job with Malevolent Creation, so you can’t fault him for that. Sam and Brian just wanted to go in different directions and we wish them the best of luck. Seriously, we hope those guys find what they’re looking for. We have Chris Default from Divine Empire back in the band, who was an original member and wrote most of these songs anyways as well as Jeramie from The Absence who is straight up a seriously cool motherfucker and one of the best drummers I’ve heard in a while..”

The band also welcomes to the fold guitar player and long time friend Erick Leider to replace Sam Molina and Dave Stein on Keyboards.

“These guys are some of the most dedicated musicians I’ve worked with in a while. They take their trade seriously which makes working with them so much easier than before. I’ve known Erick for the better part of 10 years and when I asked him if he wanted to do this, he quit his job, cleaned out his bank account, left his woman and moved to the other side of the country to be a part of this. Not to mention Dave is Kevin’s brother so it’s cool to have some blood in the band.”

The band is currently on tour supporting their latest album A Symphony of Suffering on Prosthetic Records, which received acclaimed reviews. The band will be supporting Skinless and Vital Remains for the week and then finishing up with Fierce Allegiance on their way home to Florida.

“We have a shit load of touring coming up this summer and well into the fall. We can’t announce it yet until everything confirms, but we should be very active for the rest of the year. See you fuckers soon. We have a ton of new merch available at”