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It should come as no surprise that Deserted Fear hail from Germany, where killer metal is coming out, literally on a daily basis. Also on the killer FDA Rekotz German label, the band’s My Empire debut last September should be picked up by fans of not only the Swedish/Asphyx sound, but also the 90’s Floridian dm sound. One of the things that was eye catching when I first saw the album cover is the killer artwork, surrounding a cemetery-it’s good to see bands still putting time into creating killer artwork and this reeks of old school through and through. Mr. Dan Swano helping to create a massive sledgehammer sound and really Deserted Fear are amazing.

Supporters of the underground and their scene, I noticed one of the band members, think it was the singer, sporting a Lifeless band shirt-yet another killer band from Germany, on the same label.  Fabian, the guitarist for Deserted Fear did a nice job answering my questions and look for this band to continue devastating with future releases. So grab yourself some goulash and dig into this interview with Fabian Hildebrand of Deserted Fear , of one of death metal’s promising young bands.

What you play in Deserted Fear and how long have you been in the band?

This is Fabian Fabian Hildebrandt, Deserted  Fear’s guitar player. Mahne (guitar and vocals) and I have been in the band ever since (2007), so we are the founders of DESERTED FEAR. A bit later Simon (drums) joined the band and we started practicing in our very own rehearsal room in 2010. This was the time we started to play live and released our first demo.

Tell us how the reaction has been regarding My Empire, your debut on FDA Rekotz, last September?

The reactions are outstanding and we’ve been totally surprised! There was a whole bunch of really good reviews, interviews and booking requests – this is amazing! At this point, we want to say thank you to FDA Rekotz and Clawhammer PR for this phenomenal piece of promotion! And of course we want to thank all of our fans for their great support.

How do you differ from some of the bands, playing this style of death metal, in your country and other parts of Europe? What are some of your musical/personal influences?

I think it’s quite difficult to speak about yourself – we just play Death Metal the way it should be played. We just refresh it a little and that’s it. Being a German band may be useful according to our sound haha. Our influences are US bands like Obituary as well, as European bands like Dismember, Asphyx and so on.

What was the concept regarding the album? Explain to us the fantastic artwork that adorns the cd and what the name Deserted Fear means to your music?

Concept, huh?! To be honest: We wanted to entitle the album FIELD OF DEATH and we told the cover artist to draw something with tanks. While he was working on the artwork, we finished the song MY EMPIRE and he came up with a totally different drawing. This artwork fitted the theme of the song as well, as our whole style of metal. Furthermore we are very big fans of such drawings. Well.. DESERTED FEAR.. There was never something like a concept behind the name. It sounded cool and there was no other band with a similar name.. and that’s it hahaha!

Have you been touring around your area and any plans for a summer tour?

We really would like to tour! We played a little tour (3 gigs in a row) in February – a quite cool experience! But it would be even more interesting to start a real big one across Europe. We’re doing a lot of club shows through Germany on the weekends. It’s fun all time and we meet plenty of cool and interesting people. Unfortunately there are no concrete plans for a tour yet – things aren’t so easy these days…

Do you currently have any ideas for another release and how will the new music compare to the debut?

We already started writing new songs and things are working out pretty fine. 2 – 3 songs are finished yet and they fit us very very well. Like on MY EMPIRE we have no clear line to work on – we just go with the flow and see what happens. We are very excited about the outcome and hope to release in 2014.

How did you go about securing Dan Swano when recording your debut? I can imagine he costs a lot of money; did the label help out with paying for the recording? How did Dan enhance or help with what you were trying to get across on the recording?

We just wrote an e-mail and asked him about the expenses and the other requirements. He listened to our material and was absolutely hooked later he made a really fair offer we agreed on. We received no money from FDA but that’s the current way of business in our sector of music. Dan did a great job and gave us some extra advice during the recording sessions. We all had a lot of fun working on MY EMPIRE and so I think we can count on him for the second full length.

What do you guys do for fun in your spare time and what kinds of jobs you have? Is Deserted Fear a long term commitment? Where do you see the band in 5 years?

For sure DESERTED FEAR demands a lot of time but it’s still a hobby and we handle it in that effect. Mahne and I are playing a lot Basketball and Xbox, mainly Basketball games ha ha. Our bass player Albi has his own music project which takes a lot of his time beneath DESERTED FEAR. Mahne and I are working as precision engineers, our drummer Simon is cemetery gardener and Albi is a student. We have no clue in which kind of future DESERTED FEAR is marching. We don’t think in that long periods. We’re just doing our stuff day by day and rehearsal for rehearsal. We don’t want to rush anything – once again: It’s still a hobby and we want to have fun with DESERTED FEAR. If the fun level remains constant, I see us in different clubs across Europe promoting our third full length or so.

Do you support your death metal scene and where would you like death metal to go in the future? How can you, as a band, help in moving the scene forward?

If our spare time allows us to visit some local shows we take those opportunities and visit the gigs of other bands. Unfortunately a lot of local metal scenes are diminishing and we can’t tell why. We hope that bookers, bands, club owners and visitors don’t be down in the mouth if some concerts aren’t working that well, keep up the good work and support the local metal scene!

Any final thoughts/comments for the readers?

Thank you for the interview and the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Infernal hailz out to all of you readers!

Prost, Fabian & DESERTED FEAR


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