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Necrotic Disgorgement is a Midwest brutal death metal band, hailing from Ohio that have been around for a decade. They have 2 brutal albums under their belts, their 2004 debut, Suffocated in Shrinkwrap is a ridiculous brutal affair that was made even better when it was remixed and remastered several years after its initial release. They have a new album out on Comatose Music, Documentaries of Dementia. If you call yourself a brutal death metal fan and have yet to pick up this monster of an album than I can only say this…

Due to your inadequacies as a human being you have now been strapped to a gurney.  You wake up in a cold isolated chamber, a trailer perhaps.  Although you’re not too sure, since you’re feeling dazed and confused.  You open your eyes but your sight is blurry. You notice an IV in your arm, pumping something into your veins that makes your stomach upset and the smell of urine and feces surround your senses.  You have cuts and lacerations all over your body and realize your lower half is missing. Where did it go? Your stumps have been burnt by something so as to seal your wounds.  The pain is unbearable and you realize this is not a nightmare — YOU ARE ALIVE! A man approaches with a blood soaked apron, bloody gloves on; smiling at you with a crooked evil grin… a scalpel in hand waiting to slice your next bit of flesh off your bones, which have already been broken in half… “Ok…WAKE UP!” you scream.

For it is written that failing to purchase the new Necrotic Disgorgement album could possibly have you wind up in the morgue.  Read the following interview with their guitarist and long time scene supporter, Ben Deskins.  He goes amazingly in depth, in the interview and sheds some light on what it was like making one of the best brutal death metal albums; these ears have heard this year, Documentaries of Dementia.

Ben, congrats on the new album, Documentaries of Dementia, it crushes. How do you feel the band has progressed, since your 2004 debut, Suffocated in Shrinkwrap?

Thanks! Well I definitely think we’ve progressed as musicians and also in songwriting. I think the songs on our new album were written much better than anything else we’ve ever done. This time around we just tried to write the best songs we could and tried to make them a little easier to follow, as opposed to on the first album where the material was much more chaotic. Also the production is much better on this album…

What is your goal with the band and how far do you want to take this shin-dig?

We just wanna get our music out there to as many people as possible and play some good shows and pump out some cool merchandise. We’re not trying to conquer the world through music; we’re just having a good time. That’s what’s most important to us is playing brutal shit and having fun doing it…

Explain to us the writing process for the new record and what is your obsession with serial killers?  Do you have a favorite, or one that interested you the most?

Aww man, probably David Parker Ray, he’s the guy in the intro saying all that crazy shit, and the first song “Pincushion Pussy” is about him. The shit he did was inhuman…  As for the music, me and Tony wrote all the material on guitar, then showed the songs to Jason, who put his spin on them and made them even better and arranged them with drums. We all have our input on the songs, and we all have to be satisfied with each and every song before we consider it to be complete. I don’t really have an obsession with serial killers, I just wanted brutal lyrics and I wanted the lyrics to be based in reality for this album, so serial killers, torturers, and rapists were great topics to write about. I spent a lot of time writing them, I wanted everything to be right, sound right, and good memorable song lines that won’t be forgotten.

So describe to us the recording of your first record and why you were not happy with the recording when it first came out, for you then to go back a few yrs later and remix and remaster it? What was the process in doing that and how do you feel the newer version compares to the original recording?

We recorded Suffocated In Shrinkwrap in July, 2004. It was a rushed recording because Jason was getting ready to leave on a 4 year stint in the Marines; in fact he left just 2 days after he recorded his drum tracks. We recorded it at a really nice studio, but it was recorded badly by us and the engineer. We were all fucked up, partying our asses off the whole time recording, mixing, and mastering everything drunk and stoned. Hell Jason’s eyes were barely even open in the band pic we used for the inlay; you could’ve blindfolded him with dental floss, haha! But yea that’s a big reason why it turned out the way it did. We remixed it in March, 2006, and although the remixed and remastered version sounds better than the original, it’s still far from how it should sound. We could’ve remixed it 100 times, and it still wouldn’t be right. It was just recorded badly from the start.

What happened with Jason going into the Marines and now that he’s back does he have any more military obligations? Obviously the love of death metal never left his blood, good, did you notice a change in him, when he returned from the Marines?

Not at all, we jammed as soon as he got back and it was like we never stopped. Actually, we wrote the song “Pincushion Pussy” that very first practice and we just kept the ball rollin’ after that. I remember him callin’ me about a month or so after he left, and he was like “Man, I can’t wait to get back and jam again!” It was all good, he did what he wanted to do, and we just spent that time writing the bulk of the material for Documentaries Of Dementia while he was away.

What’s with these fuckin covers, they’re like snuff films? Do you come up with the idea for the artist? Since the lyrics deal with violence towards women, do you view yourself as a masochist or have violent thoughts, in general? Do you have any close females, in your life, like a daughter, wife, girlfriend or mother that you feel would find your lyrics/covers offensive?

Yea we always come up with the concept for the cover then relay that idea to the artist who creates the artwork. For this album we wanted the artwork to coincide with the songs, and in the cover you can see “Icepick Ear Sodomy,” “Pincushion Pussy,” and “Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction.” We also wanted a skin suit hanging in the background to represent “He Wears The Flesh” and a knife in one of the girls’ asses for “Anal Trauma” and shredded flesh for “Crack Whore Compost” but he wasn’t able to fit all of that into one piece. I definitely don’t view myself as a masochist, I just like writing and playing brutal shit, haha… Probably every female I know would find the lyrics and covers offensive, but they know me and know the nature of the music I play so they don’t think much of it.

After writing the lyrics, for the new album, did you feel drained, since you’re writing such violent lyrics? How did you get into the mood to write it?

I definitely feel drained, but not from writing violent lyrics but because it is such a long process before a song is done. I’m extremely picky about what words I use and how they fit into the song and how I portray what happens within the story. I typically spend at least 25  to 30 hours on just 1 song, making sure everything fits into the patterns just right, and making sure that I’ve used the best words and phrases to capture the mood and storyline. I try to be as creative as possible and poetic and not write boring lyrics that are quickly forgotten.

How has the reaction been to the new album and do you even have thoughts on a follow-up?

So far the reaction has been great! We’ve gotten a ton of killer feedback and killer reviews keep coming in. As a songwriter, you always hope that the material is interpreted by the listeners as you had intended, and I think people are really getting this album, and hearing it for what it is, a brutal musical soundtrack to inhuman torture and suffering…

What are your thoughts on that dude, Castro, from Ohio, who kidnapped those women and kept them hostages for a decade? What would you do to someone like that, if they did that to your loved one, and you were allowed to meet with them behind closed doors, no charges would be filed?

I think anyone that does that shit should have the same thing done to them. I mean, it’s only fair right?! Maybe that would make people think twice before they did shit like that. Government says there’s not enough room in prisons, well start putting mother fuckers like that to death, and that will create more space! Hell, a lot of them are on death row anyway, why keep them alive for 20 years or more wasting taxpayer money to pay for their meals, dental, etc.? It’s common sense,  Fuckin’ put those animals to death!!!!! (After this interview was conducted Castro committed suicide in jail, by hanging).

I know fellow Ohioans Drogheda are die hard Browns fans, are you also, or do you support the Dallas Cowboys, like myself? How will your team fare this year, in the NFL?

I don’t really like either ‘cause I don’t watch sports (sorry Frank!), to me it’s boring. So I’ll just take a wild guess here and go with the Milwaukee Gators or the Globetrotters to win the superbowl this year…

What do you do outside the band, for fun/career wise?

Well music has always been my hobby, so besides that and work there’s not much else other than just the normal day to day stuff that keeps me busy. For my career I do concrete work throughout Southern Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, it’s the only job I’ve ever had and I‘ve been doing it for over 20 years.

What kinds of guitars do you own, amps, pickups do you use? Have you thought about getting an endorsement deal?

For guitars I mostly play B.C. Rich, but I like Jackson and Ibanez too. Right now I own 6 B.C. Riches, including 1 Ironbird, 1 Warbeast, 1 Virgin, 1 Warlock, and 2 Rich Biches, and 2 Jacksons, including 1 Rhodes V, and 1 Warrior. For my amp I have a Line 6 head, and a Marshall cabinet, but I’m really needing to upgrade my head so I’ll be getting something new with tubes real soon. For pickups I use EMG’s, I know some people don’t like ‘em but for what I play and for my style I’ve found they are best for me. I really like the sound and clarity I get from them. I don’t really care about endorsements, I already have plenty of guitars, and I like the ones I have so I don’t need anymore. A string endorsement would be nice though since they’re always needing to be replaced!

How have you improved as a guitarist/lyricist/songwriter and band member over the years?

I take my playing and writing a lot more serious than I used to. Not that I didn’t try to do the best I could in the past, but I work harder at it now and I think I’ve become more efficient in my practice regime, and my playing and writing. As a band we’ve learned over the years what works and what doesn’t, and what’s important and what’s not. We’ve learned some hard lessons, but we gained expertise from the hard times and it’s made us better.

What are some memorable live gig moments? When a band member fucks up onstage, sometimes it’s noticeable, sometimes not.  How do you bring that up to the member, after the show and do you then try and work on that part, more in practice? How many times a week do you guys practice?

Probably the most fucked up thing that happened was at Central Illinois Metalfest back in ’09 when Jason got busted smokin’ weed out in the parking lot and got arrested. We were all smokin’ out there but Jason was the one holding it when the cops came so he took the fall. We had to go get him outta jail, that really sucked. Luckily we got him out and back to the club in time to see Immolation! Other than that there hasn’t been anything really crazy that’s happened, other than the normal stuff like getting busted in the mouth with my mic from people moshing when there’s no stage. Luckily we haven’t fucked anything up too bad to where it’s really noticeable, although there’s always gonna be a couple little glitches here and there, that’s normal. We normally practice once a week, although maybe more if we have a show or recording coming up.

I love the guitar solos on the new cd, what made you guys want to incorporate them into your music and will there be more solos on future recordings?

We’ve always had guitar solos; they just fit in perfectly with our songs so we use them. Although we don’t go out of our way to use them or force them into songs, there’s a few songs that didn’t need them so we left them out. We will always have guitar solos, it’s just the way we write and it’s become a big part of our overall sound.

Any final thoughts/comments for the readers?

Thank you so much for the killer interview Frank; it’s truly an honor to be interviewed by someone I’ve looked up to for years. Thanx also to all the brutal Death Metal supporters out there that make all the hard work worthwhile. Check out our new album Documentaries Of Dementia on Comatose Music. We have those, as well as shirts and hoodies and other merchandise available through us.  We encourage everybody to get in touch!



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