Target Distribution signs an international deal with Denmark’s oldest death metal band KONKHRA and the band’s label Chopshop Records.

In 2009 KONKHRA celebrates the band’s 20-year anniversary with the release of their 6th album Nothing Is Sacred. The band has just signed an international distribution and promotion deal with Target Distribution, as well as a publishing deal with Warner Chapell Music Denmark.

Anders Lundemark, the band’s throat and guitar comments:

“We are happy to announce the release of our new album Nothing is Sacred is going to be under our own flag Chopshop. We have been under dubious contracts in the past, and negotiating the several deals offered for this one left us with a “more of the same” kinda feeling. Therefore we decided to pursue the formation of a record label, whose contracts to bands will be 50/50 based and letting the artist keep ultimate control of rights”.

Lundemark elaborates over the theme of the new album:

Nothing is Sacred was written during the time of the cartoon crisis, and songs like “Religion is a Whore” and “Killswitch” are lyrically direct responses to the attacks free speech has been under in recent years. We attack religion as indiscriminately as we write and record uncompromising extreme metal.”

KONKHRA anno 2008 consists of Anders Lundemark (vocals/guitar), Lars Schmidt (bass), Michael Skovbakke (guitar) and Mads Lauridsen (drums).

Nothing Is Sacred is released worldwide on Monday 26th January 2009.