Teeth of the Divine Security Notice

Dear readers.

Unfortunately, we recently became aware of a possible, brief security issue beyond our control on a machine that also housed a backup of Teeth of the Divine’s blog database (backed up in January 2016). It is possible that the backup was compromised in that brief moment and we are acting accordingly based on the assumption.

What this means to you?

Local files were not part of that backup. The current site is not compromised and remains safe to use.

The database contained the comments of the site (before January 2016) and with it, the nicknames, email addresses and IP addresses associated with those comments. Thus, potentially, in the worst case scenario, if you’ve left a comment to the site before January 2016, your email address might be out there in the open.

Our giveaways use another system and thus they were not part of the backup. We do not store that data on our server either and we do not hold onto giveaway information for longer than is necessary to see the event come to a conclusion.

So what now?

We have improved the security of the site further, so that it is more safe to browse and interact with.

We are going to keep working on the site to maintain and enhance its security where we can.

We will collect and retain as little of your personal details as we can and purge what we do not need more frequently.

We’ve also updated our privacy policy to better explain what happens on the site when you browse it.

We apologize for any inconvenience.