TeethoftheDivine Staff Picks for 2013!!!

It seems like every year is the better than the last and 2013 was no exception. From anticipated reunions like Gorguts and Carcass to the rise of so-called hipster metal in mainstream circles thanks to bands like Deafheaven, to grizzled veterans like Suffocation, every aspect and sub-genre of metal was firing on all cylinders. As usual, the TOTD staff had to be beaten into getting their lists submitted in time, and luckily, the many new staff members understood the imminent threat of physical violence.

This year we have even included a few ‘celebrity’ lists from some of the people responsible for making and releasing 2013’s great material, so be sure to check out the last page to see what folks like Kevin Quiron of Deicide voted as his favorite albums of 2013. As usual, thank you to all of YOU, the readers of this intimate little site, and stay tuned for more great metal in 2014.

Without further ado, we give you the 2013 Teethofthedivine.com staff picks:

by Staff

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Erik Thomas

1. DeafheavenSunbather (Deathwish Inc) . Haters gonna hate. One of the most brilliant albums of any genre in 2013.
2. Light BearerSilver Tongue (Halo of Flies). If not for the knee-wilting title track alone.
3. Inquisition – Obscure Verses for the Multiverse (Season of Mist). Never liked these guys until now, but my, how I like them all of a sudden. Riff-a-delic.
4. Gorguts  Colored Sands (Season of Mist). Of all the high profile death metal reunions, this was the best.
5. Ade – Spartacus (Blast Head Records). One of the biggest death metal surprises of 2013.
6. AosothIV- An Arrow in Heart (Agonia Records). Icky , filthy, regal.
7. ExtolExtol (Facedown Records). Pure progressive metal bliss, Christian or otherwise.
8. CarcassSurgical Steel (Nuclear Blast Records). Second-best high profile death metal reunion of 2013, even if Exhumed almost out-Carcass‘d them.
9. Cultes Des GhoulesHenbane (Hells Headbangers). Traumatic, nightmarish, and truly disturbing stuff.
10. EntrailsRaging Death (Metal Blade Records). New label, same reliable and consistent sound. This generation’s Dismember?
11. Man Must DiePeace Was Never An Option (Lifeforce Records). Welcome back. Intense and melodic grinding death metal with a message.
12. UlcerateVermis (Relapse Records). Had some thunder stolen by Gorguts, but still truly oppressive stuff.
13. AutopsyThe Headless Ritual (Peaceville). Topped even Obliteration, Slaughterday, and San la Muerte doing their best Autopsy impressions.
14. Blood MortizedThe Angel, The Death, The Disease (Chaos Records). Underrated challenger for Entrails‘ throne. Beat out Demonical too.
15. Caladaan BroodEchoes of Battle (Northern Silence Productions). Summoning who?
16. Hail of BulletsIII – The Rommel Chronicles (Metal Blade). More death metal consistency from this Dutch supergroup.
17. Fleshgod ApocalypseLabyrinth (Nuclear Blast). More over-the-top orchestrated death metal. Maybe I’ll review some of their wine and pasta in 2014?
18. So HideousLast Poem/First Light (Self Released). Haters still hating. Some of the most gorgeous instrumentation of 2013.
19. KatalepsyAutopsychosis (Unique Leader). The most bludgeoning album of 2013, even with stiff competition from Suffocation, Broken HopeWormed, Defeated Sanity, Boal, and Necromorphic Irruption.
20. KryptsUnending Degradation (Dark Descent). Dark Descent’s best release in an otherwise quiet 2013 (compared to 2012).
21. NoumenaDeath Come Walk With Me (Haunted Zoo Productions). Superb Finnish melancholy and a welcome return.
22. Sulphur AeonSwallowed By The Oceans Tides (FDA Rekotz). Liable to get forgotten in the end of 2012/early 2013 shuffle.
23. SacriphyxThe Western Front (NWN! Productions). A completely unheralded gem in 2013, Please go and check it out.
24. Nails  Abandon All Life/Dead in the Dirt  -The Blind Hole (Southern Lord). Two almost identical, absolutely fucking intense crust/hardcore/grind releases
25. ThrawsunblatWanderer on the Continent of Saplings (Self Released). What a great year for Ms Rae Amitay. David Gold would be proud.

Didnt Get the Hype:
Grave MiasmaCraven IdolAltar of PlaguesTribulation, Soilwork, Cerekloth.

Biggest Letdowns:
ConvulseEvil Prevails, Oceano – Incisions,  Morne – Shadows; Rotting Christ – Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού; Witherscape– The Inheritance; Summoning – Old Morning’s Dawn.

Duobetic Homunkulus – Ani já ani ty robit něbudzeme, šedněme do koča, vozit še budzeme (Zero Budget Productions).

Best Album Cover and Lyrics:
Vastum – Patricidal Lust (20 Buck Spin). Solid album to boot.

Best 2 Album Cheaters: 
Feared  Furor Incarnatus/Vinter.

Best Reissues:
Abyssal – Denouement (Hellthrasher Productions); Besieged – Victims Beyond All Help (Unspeakable Axe Records).

Best EPs:
Bolzer – Aura; Sidious – Ascension to the Throne ov Self; Immortal Bird – Akrasia

Best 2 Minutes of 2013:
Trollfest – “Rundt Balet.”

Best Discovery of an Old-Ass Album
Earth – Star Condemn’d, from 2000.

Best Split:
Mare Cognitum/Spectral Lore – Sol

2012 Gems I Missed in 2012
Before the Dawn – Rise of the Phoenix; Dyscarnate – And so it Came to Pass; Circle Takes the Square – Discontinuations.

2013 stuff I should check out so it makes the above list next year: 
Cult of Fire, Inta Arma, Secrets of the Sky, Ævangelist, Smothered.

Early 2014 Contenders:
Jaldaboath, Corpsessed, Lvcifyre, Lie In Ruins


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  1. Commented by: Biff_Tannen

    Satan are from England, not Germany (hence being a part of the NWOBHM). Killer album,either way! Check out their debut, “Court in the Act”… Life Sentence is basically part two of that album. Same lineup, 30 years later too.

  2. Commented by: Mike Watts

    Thanks again buddy! Well appreciated!

  3. Commented by: Luke_22

    My bad. Thanks for the heads-up Biff. Not sure where i got the German connection from. Although, hypothetically a band could be a part of the NWOBHM scene and have relocated to England. Court in the Act rules as well.

  4. Commented by: bast

    I agree with Erik, Sunbather is the best album this year.

  5. Commented by: Don Roberts

    new Pestilence and Carcass were awesome , too

  6. Commented by: Don Roberts

    and…despite the critics…i enjoyed the new Broken Hope and Deicide , too …can’t wait for the new Deceased album

  7. Commented by: Giovanni

    I would add Hideous Divinity and Antropofagus for exciting 2014 releases coming up!

  8. Commented by: F. Rini

    yo Giovanni-my interview with Hideous Divinity will be posted in a few weeks on here!!

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