The Danish grind sensation A KID HEREAFTER IN THE GRINDING LIGHT will release their sparkling debut album in Europe in February 2009 and are performing at this year’s Danish Metal Awards in Copenhagen on the 15th of November. 

The A KID HEREAFTER band-in-the-band…IN THE GRINDING LIGHT is characterized by its playfulness and extremely competent and almost manic attitude, displayed crystal clear on the band’s self titled debut album that saw the light of day in AKHITGL’s homeland Denmark this past February. Genuinely sensational for a Danish band and an album of this kind, A KID HEREAFTER IN THE GRINDING LIGHT was hugely praised in the entire Danish press, who even cleared front pages making space for the band and its peculiar and positive message. 

Finally the rest of Europe is up next. One year after the Danish release, the debut album will be released in the UK, Benelux, Finland, France, Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland in February 2009. The European release of the album is commented in this manner by none other than Shane Embury, bass player and original member of grindcore legends Napalm Death:

“What I love about this album is its manic musical arrangement in the song structures – the songs may be short but more dynamically intense than many bands in this genre of music. It makes me laugh and when I laugh it means this kicks fuckin’ ass!” 

A KID HEREAFTER IN THE GRINDING LIGHT has happily accepted the offer to perform at the upcoming Danish Metal Awards 2008 taking place on Saturday 15th of November in Copenhagen.

At this event the quintet will most certainly show the world how to grind that thing…with a big, broad smile on their faces! In the weeks before the DMeA event AKHITGL’s charismatic front man Frederik Thaae will devote himself to extensive press activity including interviews in Danish prime time mainstream television programs “Boogie” and Good Evening Denmark” broadcasted on the biggest Danish television networks DR and TV2.