Anael Sign to Paragon Records

Paragon Records is proud to announce the signing and the release of the latest album of Germany’s Anael, entitled From Arcane Fires.

Anael have released two prior albums on the Barbarian Wrath label, in addition to limited vinyl editions on Iron Tyrant Productions, both receiving worldwide acclaim by critics as well as fans. Described by Diabolical Conquest webzine as “An unholy synthesis of Xantotol/Taranis/Holy Death-esque despondency, the transcendental otherworldliness of first two album Rotting Christ/early Tiamat, the Mesopotamian exoticism of Absu and Melechesh, as well as a substantial dose of Blood Ritual/Ceremony Of Opposites Vorph/Xy magic,”

Regarding Anael’s latest album, From Arcane Fires, guitarist/vocalist Seraphackh states “While it’s predecessor On Wings Of Mercury” was a journey deep into the realm of the occult, From Arcane Fires is a little more direct, more rooted in history and personal experiences of a gloomy reality. This means not only the lyrics but also the music of our third album, and it was the main reason to choose a harsh, dark and epic approach for this monument. From Arcane Fires is aimed to show the darkness and the fire forming the foundation of our spirit and so of our music, and to set a sign that some flames will never be extinct.”

From Arcane Fires is due out early Autumn via Paragon Records. The tracklisting is as follows:

Devils Tongues
She Is Ever A Moon
Down Winding Stairs [excerpt here]

Blood and Honey
Song of the Moth
All Souls Night