ATMF to release debut album by 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES, featuring Glorior Belli and Shining members!

Today, AETERNITAS TENEBRARUM MUSIC FOUNDATION (ATMF) confirms the signing of 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES. 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES is a metal/rock/psych project that aims to offer an alternative to a swamp of occasionnally limited artists: a new band forged by the mastermind of the French band Glorior Belli, with a guest appearance of Niklas Kvarforth of the infamous Swedish band Shining. Brought into existence in early 2010 by a vehement duo comprised of J. (guitar/bass/vocals) and G. (drums), 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES are messing around with the codes, mixing extreme metal and post-punk together in a massively demented debut album. Entitled “The Full Intrepid Experience of Light,” the band’s debut album is an honest and liberating experience for the sake of Truth, exploring the very essence of “Light” defined by the Demiurge’s most virulent adversary!

11 AS IN ADVERSARIES’ “The Full Intrepid Experience of Light” will be released worldwide by ATMF on November 15th. The track listing and cover follow:

1. The Full Intrepid Experience Of Light (13:00)

2. Agitation In The Glorious Theme (6:15)

3. The Night Scalp Challenger (7:45)*

4. Reckless Beacons Attraction (4:26)

5. A Stealthy Freedom (1:49)

6. Verses From Which To Whirl (6:45)

*featuring Niklas Kvarforth on vocals