Bindrune Recordings Announces Signing of Portland, Maine’s Falls of Rauros!!

FoR have always been a well honed and eclectic American black metal band, but as they have progressed, their art has taken on an even more impressive and beautiful atmosphere as their songs developed and writing style grown to carry the listener deep into the woods with classical and folk elements. The bands first full-length release for Bindrune Recordings, The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood, is a stirring collection of majestic melodies and a primordial essence that embraces the staples of the black metal genre, but the spirit and atmosphere of the music goes far beyond the realms of modern man. Expansive soundscapes. Beautiful folk/classical compositions. Organic black metal urgency that awakens the listeners yearning for the forest.

The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood is off to be mastered by Sacred Sound Studios towards the end of the week and we look forward to unleashing this CD in June. The LP version will surface by the end of the year as Bindrune will be working with Flenser Records to bring this opus to the analog format. More details on that, and a FoR band page will surface on this site in the coming days/months.

Until then, an excerpt of the track, “Nonesuch River Chant” has been added to the “Music Player” section for a sneak peek of what’s to come…

Bindrune Recordings announces that pre-orders are now being accepted for Forest of the Soul’s – Restless in Flight!

Featuring Aaron Carey and Andrew Della Cagna of

Nechochwen, FotS is a hard band to pigeonhole, for they encompass the fluidity of  classical acoustic instrumentation, rock, folk, and an undeniable

Appalachian Country spirit that stirs with the eclectic soul of their homeland. Unclassifiable and amazingly beautiful, “Restless in Flight” is Forest of the Soul’s 3rd release and it blew us away with such a strong level of atmosphere… an aura that perfectly embodies the nature of what we try to uphold with Bindrune Recordings.

The 6 panel digipak CD is currently at the pressing plant. The 1st 50 pre-orders will receive an 11″x17″ poster. The Music Player section of the site features “Alone/Desert Rose” from the album for preview.