Bleeding Through to release “Declaration” on Septmeber 30!!

Orange County, California — On September 30, Bleeding Through will unleash their definitive album, Declaration.

Where many bands at this stage in their career start talking about melody, accessibility and radio airplay, Bleeding Through resists the trends and walks where many artists fear to tread. Declaration is heavier, darker, angrier, more pissed off, faster and more epic than anything in the band’s already impressive catalog.

The followup to The Truth (2006) and This is Love, This is Murderous (2003), which have sold a combined quarter of a million albums worldwide, was produced by Devin Townsend in Vancouver, British Columbia. Declaration is incredibly dense, layered and full of atmosphere, recalling the finest moments of classic death metal, black metal and hardcore.

Bleeding Through has always stood for the broken-hearted and betrayed. Declaration expands further upon that idea. Contrary to earlier reports of a conceptually driven album, Bleeding Through’s latest is their most diverse offering thematically, addressing a variety of topics on tracks like “There Was a Flood,” “Germany” and “Death Anxiety.”

Frontman and lyricist Brandan Scheippati has written one last song based on his angry heartbreaking muse, “Sister Charlatan,” which closes the album and features the first ever vocal chorus contribution from virtuoso bass player Ryan Wombacher, who also co-wrote the experimental and dark “In Loving Memory of England.” Keyboardist Marta is more present than ever throughout the music, including her directing of real strings and classical instrumentation.

Guitarist Brian Leppke remains the groups primary songwriter along Scheippati. Drummer Derek Youngsma has stepped up his game like never before while the band’s newest member, Jona Weinhofen (who joined the band over a year ago after the breakup of his former group, I Killed The Prom Queen), adds pure shred to the proceedings.

“Orange County Blonde And Blue” and other tracks have garnered 4.5 million plays on the band’s MySpace page.

Bleeding Through is on tour with Bullet For My Valentine throughout the US and will support them in Europe through December as well. The band has toured with Marilyn Manson, Slayer, AFI, HIM, Senses Fail, Headbanger’s Ball: The Tour, two different Ozzfests (returning in 2006 as a second stage headliner), Vans Warped Tour and several successful headlining tours and dates in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and South America.