Blood Ceremony set to release debut album

Canadian doom-psyche band BLOOD CEREMONY has completed work on its debut album. The self-titled Blood Ceremony will drop on September 30 in North America via London, England based independent label Rise Above Records.

Born out of an obsession with ‘70s occult rock, BLOOD CEREMONY bears witness to the heavy bands of yesteryear, fusing psychedelic rock and folk with an early ‘70s downer feel. BLOOD CEREMONY strives to achieve a distinctive presence through their music; the desired effect is “the creation of an utterly heavy and doomed-out vibe”. Songs built upon the foundations of medieval heavy blues-rock riffs are characterized by psychedelic ‘60s-style organ work, as well as mystical fluting (a la the manic piping of Jethro Tull), the end result creating a profound sense of musical other-worldliness. BLOOD CEREMONY keeps it simple and heavy; its songs are tempered with strong, brooding melodies that could readily appeal to fans of Black Sabbath and Black Mountain alike.

Recorded at Toronto’s Halla Music and mixed by the legendary Billy Anderson (High on Fire, Neurosis, Melvins), BLOOD CEREMONY’s debut album looks backwards for forward inspiration, resurrecting the spirit of groups such as Coven, Affinity and Black Widow. Add to the mix some vintage Pentagram, and you have the essential ingredients for the band’s sound. Although the tag of “Heavy Metal” may be a stretch, there is a sense of heaviness and funereal gloom in BLOOD CEREMONY’s music, as well as a lyrical obsession with eldritch themes, that aligns them with much of traditional Doom. Invoking the mischievous “Pipes of Pan,” BLOOD CEREMONY songs are distinguished by singer Alia O’Brien’s energetic jazz-flute solos – accenting an instrument long-associated with a list of devilish mythic characters.

Since forming in the winter of 2006, BLOOD CEREMONY has regularly played the club circuit in Toronto and Montreal, gaining a devoted fan base in each city. The band has performed at Pop Montreal 2007 and at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York. In their short time as a group, BLOOD CEREMONY has also made an effort to play non-conventional shows, performing before bizarre film-projections, in wooded areas and in venues more in tune with the atmosphere of weird nocturnal rituals. The band’s name was adopted from the 1972 Spanish-horror film, “Ceremonia Sangrienta”.

The final track listing for Blood Ceremony is as follows:

1.) Master of Confusion
2.) I’m Coming With You
3.) Into the Coven
4.) A Wine of Wizardry
5.) The Rare Lord
6.) Return to Forever
7.) Hop Toad
8.) Children of the Future
9.) Hymn to Pan

A sneak peak at what Blood Ceremony holds in store can be heard now as the songs “Return to Forever” and “Children of the Future” have been posted online. Listen now at this location.