Blood Freak Sign to Willowtip.

Portland, Oregon’s BLOOD FREAK has officially signed to Willowtip.  The label will release the band’s upcoming album, Mindscraper, on April 5, 2011.  The album was recorded at Midnight Mania Studios by Blood Freak’s own Maniac Neil, with Scott Hull handling the mastering duties.

12 tracks were recorded for Mindscraper.  They include:

1. Psychoplasmics (Intro)

2. Merchants of Sleaze

3. Sleeping In Hell

4. Pink On The Inside

5. Scared Stiff feat. Rob Fornicator

6. Slaughterhouse Recollections

7. Mindscraper

8. Sex Trash Princess

9. Paralyzed By The Medusa Spider feat. Jason Netherton

10. Death Trip…In The Drug Den Of The Damned feat. Brandon Stench

11. We Kill Cause We Care

12. Gobble Up Your Guts Pt. 3

More info and a preview track for the new album can currently be found at the band’s MySpace page,