BLOOD STAINED DUSK finish new album!

Long-running, newly-signed MORIBUND black metal band BLOOD STAINED DUSK have just completed the recording for new album Black Faith Inquisition. Running 72 minutes in length, Black Faith Inquisition is the Alabama band’s first album in four years and also their debut for MORIBUND. Drummer Profana reports, “We finished at 2 a.m. this morning under a full moon! The finished product sounds 1000 times better than the promo. All the little nuances on every instrument come out completely now, and are no longer buried and washed around in the mix – the clarity is much better!” Black Faith Inquisition will be released in time for BLOOD STAINED DUSK’s upcoming American tour alongside MORIBUND hordes HORNA and AZRAEL. For up-to-date tour information, please consult and