Brainchoke set to release new album

UK grinders BRAINCHOKE have set the release date for their new album, ‘Introspective’, for July 7th. The album is self released and will be officially distributed by Grindethic Records and Code 7 via Phd. The release is an idiosyncratic blast of old school grindcore mixing the traditional sound of bands like Napalm Death and Nasum with some more unique elements including black metal-tinged sections, banjos, heavy metal solos and some good old fashioned toe-tapping melodies.

Production for the album was handled by Danny B, a member of the cult South American thrash band CRIMINAL.

Introspective Tracklist:
01. intro
02. 2012
03. Learn The Hard Way
04. Leave This Place
05. IVth Time Lucky
06. Square One
07. Delusional Patriotism
08. Culture Shocked
09. Blue Blood
10. Upward Spiral [mp3 ]

12. Crystal Clear
13. Erectile Projectile
14. The Brainless And The Blind
15. 1st World Hypocrisy
16. Past Six Years

The cover artwork can be viewed here:

‘Introspective’ is the band’s forth release following the debut album ‘Migraine Music’ in 2000, the ‘Mental Clarity’ ep in 2001 and the ‘Microchipped and Mindcontrolled’ split with Fetus Eaters in 2003 on Grindethic Records.