Brutal Truth’s first new songs in 10 years to be released on This Comp Kills Fascists…

Brutal Truth’s first new songs in 10 years to be released on This Comp Kills Fascists…In the tradition of the legendary Cry Now, Cry Later compilations of the 90’s, PIG DESTROYER / AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED’s Scott Hull has brought together some of the very best of today’s underground grindcore, hardcore, and power violence bands for volume one of This Comp Kills Fascists.

This Comp Kills Fascists features new and exclusive material from such bands as INSECT WARFARE, MAGRUDERGRIND, KILL THE CLIENT, WEEKEND NACHOS, A.S.R.A, and more. This Comp Kills Fascists also includes the first new material in almost ten years from legendary grinders BRUTAL TRUTH and AGENTS OF SATAN.

Hull says of the compilation; “There are a lot of killer young bands out there with the same kind of vibe that was around back when Chris Dodge was doing Slap-a-Ham and Fiesta Grande was the all-important mecca to which every underground hardcore listener would make a pilgrimage every year. It was a lot different back then. There
was no MySpace. No Ebay. You actually had tapes and 7-inches that you found out about in photo copied fanzines. You had to hunt this shit down. It was about discovery. You’d seek out some obscure split or tape, and when you got them, a million small flyers for other releases fell out of the package. If you were a band, you didn’t have¬†potoshop. Kinko’s was vital to your band’s existence and you learned ow to tear out logos, steal artwork, cut, paste, cut, paste…”

“I don’t pretend to be any kind of grand poobah for power iolence, but it absolutely had its own sound, attitude, values…it as it’s own scene. And it seems there are both a lot of bands from he day that are coming back (Despise You, Apartment 213, Crom), that
never left (Lack of Interest, Hellnation), and a LOT of younger bands hat are re-invigorating that scene altogether. This comp is enerally about a theme, but somewhat spread across PV, grind, and ther hardcore elements. It’s supposed to be a tribute to the way the nderground hardcore scene should always be. Fast, loose, ferociously¬†independent, unpretentious, and fun.”

This Comp Kills Fascists will see its North American release on
July 8th and international release July 14th on Relapse Records.

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