Candlelight Records To Release Classic And Career Retrospect Releases From: DISCHARGE, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, THE VARUKERS

Candlelight Records will continue its previously launched classics series confirming releases from DISCHARGE, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, and THE VARUKERS. New to the series, the label will release Disensitise and War Is Hell from DISCHARGE on August 23, followed by Holocaust In My Head by EXTREME NOISE TERROR on September 27 and the 2CD The Damnation Of Our Species by THE VARUKERS.

England’s DISCHARGE are considered one of the first hardcore punk bands that significantly merged metal with their punk stylings.Characterized by a heavy, distorted, grinding guitar sound, the band’s raw, shouted vocals and insightful lyrics made them a favorite on “anarcho” lists from the start.Formed in 1977, the band enjoyed a number of charting albums in the UK in the early ‘80s.Reunited in 2000, the band currently features founder Anthony “Rat” Martin, Tony “Bones” Roberts, Roy “Rainy” Wainright, and Dave “Proper” Caution. Disensitise and War Is Hell feature all new packaging and include previously unavailable songs.

EXTREME NOISE TERROR’s trademark noise has done very well for the UK bevy over their fifteen-plus year career. The band’s abrasive, dual-voiced, grinding brutality maims, pulverizes, and simply destroys all in earshot. Formed in 1985, grindcore’s founding unit fiercely rallied an international fanbase with sharp lyrics and a piercing sound. Regular guests on John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 Program, the band has featured vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway (Napalm Death), guitarist Gian Pyres (Cradle of Filth), and drummer Mick Harris (Napalm Death/Scorn) among their various line-ups throughout the years. Original vocalist Phil Vane passed away in his sleep earlier this year due to a cerebrovascular accident. He was 46 years old. Holocaust In My Head compiles 21 tracks of government overthrowing crust/punk all served up in pummeling doses.

Dating to 1979, THE VARUKERS are considered part of the “UK82” or second wave of English hardcore punk. Alongside their peers (Amebix, Chaos UK, GBH), the band’s sound was heavily fueled by the energies and ideologies of 1977-era punk. The band would tour heavily before splintering for several years. Reformed since 1991, the five-piece have continued to impress and keep a loyal and passionate fanbase. The Damnation Of Our Species features 44 songs on a special 2cd set, including selections from their One Struggle One Fight, Murder, How Do You Sleep and Killing Myself To Live albums.




Track listings for each release are noted below.




1.) Blood Of The Innocent

2.) CCTV

3.) What Method What Madness

4.) They Lie You Die

5.) Becomes Again And Again

6.) Spoils Of War

7.) Persuasion = Power

8.) Web Of Disadvantage

9.) Ignorance Is Your Surrender

10.) Kept In The Dark

11.) You Have The Gun

12.) Will Deceive You

13.) Beginning Of The End

14.) No Return

15.) Legacy You Left Behind (Bonus)

16.) Propaganda Feeds





1.) War is Hell

2.) State Violence Stage Control

3.) You Deserve Me

4.) Never Again

5.) The More I See

6.) Hype Overload

7.) Corpse of Decadence

8.) M.A.D.

9.) You Take Part Creating the System

10.) Nightmare Continues (live)

11.) Hell on Earth (live)

12.) Realities of War (live)

13.) Doomsday (live)

14.) Beginning of the End (bonus)

15.) Blood of the Innocent (bonus)

16.) They Lie You Die (bonus)




1.) Deceived

2.) The Helpless

3.) Bullshit Propaganda

4.) Fucke Up System

5.) No Threat

6.) Show Us You Care

7.) Use Your Mind

8.) Innocence to Ignorance

9.) Conned Through Life

10.) Murder

11.) Take the Strain

12.) Another Nail in the Coffin

13.) Raping the Earth

14.) If You’re Only in it for the Music (Sod off)

15.) Intro

16.) In It For Life

17.) Subliminal Music Mind Control

18.) Work For never

19.) Punk: Faction or Fiction

20.) Cruelty to Carnivores

21.) Damaging Noise


THE VARUKERS The Damnation Of Our Species


Disc One:


1.) Persistent Resistance

2.) We Hint at Things Nuclear

3.) In South Africa

4.) The Far of Mankind

5.) Will They Never Learn

6.) Killing By man’s Own Hand

7.) Animals An Animal

8.) Protect Not Dissect

9.) How Can Your Conscience

10.) Stop the Killing

11.) Lesson Must Never Forget

12.) One Struggle One Fight

13.) Murder

14.) Hatred

15.) Endless Destruction Line

16.) Fake

17.) Genocide

18.) Eradicate the Problem

19.) Fuck You Up

20.) Humanity

21.) What Are You Gonna Do

22.) Target of Shame

23.) Invest in Your People

24.) Who the Fuck

25.) Tighten Their Grip

26.) Nightmare Vision



Disc Two:


1.) How Do You Sleep?

2.) Gun Crazed Kids

3.) Bleed Us Dry

4.) Modem For Destruction

5.) Memo To Me

6.) Where is Your God

7.) As Good As It Gets

8.) No Restrictions

9.) Under Attack

10.) Absolution

11.) Piss Off I’ve Paid

12.) Die

13.) Killing Myself to Live

14.) Fucked It Up Again

15.) Forever Crucified

16.) Hellbound

17.) Get Out O’ The Gutter

18.) Politics In Store


Additional classic CD titles now available from Candlelight include DOOM’s Rush Hour Of The Gods and HOLY TERROR’s Terror And Submission/Mind War. Classic vinyl titles available from affiliate label Plastic Head Music USA are: AMEBIX’ Monolithe, BOLT THROWER’s In Battle There Is No Law, and WITCHFINDER GENERAL’s Death Penalty/Friends Of Hell.