Dark Descent to Release Horrendous’ The Chills

Dark Descent Records will release the highly anticipated CD follow-up to the twice-pressed Sweet Blasphemies cassette from the East Coast’s favorite sons of filth HORRENDOUS. Entitled The Chills, the new EP is targeted for a late November/early December release and defines the kind of mucked up, motoring, and morbid Swedish/American death metal that HORRENDOUS has been delivering with malice since 2009. Don’t believe it? Consider yourself teased with this quintessentially horrendous sample track.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Horrendous guitarist/vocalist Damian Herring (Father Befouled, Undead Creep, Corpsessed, etc) at Subterranean Watchtower Studios and featuring cover art from Raul Gonzalez Gonzalez (Deceased, Morbus Chron, Ataraxy, etc.), The Chills brings Dark Descent Records one step closer to complete immersion of the globe in a boiling sea of sweet death.

 The Chills

1. The Womb

2. Ripped to Shreds

3. Altars

4. The Somber (Desolate Winds)

5. The Chills

6. Fleshrot

7. The Ritual

8. Fatal Dreams

9. Sleep Sickness

10. The Eye of Madness




Lineup (left to right in photo):

Damian Herring: Guitar, Vocals, Bass

Matt Knox: Guitar, Vocals, Bass

Jamie Knox: Drums, Backing Vocals