Defiance signs to Candlelight

Candlelight Records today announces the signing of Oakland, California based Defiance. The band currently featuring vocalist Steev Esquivel (Skinlab), guitarist Jim Adams, bassist Mike Kaufmann and drummer Mark Hernandez (Vio-lence, Forbidden) has started early tracking of their new album at Trident Studios and Greendot Studios in East Bay, California. The currently untitled album is expected for Spring 2009 release.

Formed in 1985, Defiance have recorded three albums all for Roadrunner Records – Product of Society (1989, produced by Jeff Waters/Annihilator), Void Terra Firma (1990, produced by John Cuniberti), and Beyond Recognition (1992, produced by Rob Beaton). In 1994 the members put Defiance on hiatus allowing them opportunity to work on outside projects. In 2005 after requests from fans and new vigor on the part of band members, Defiance reunited. In an interview with popular portal Mike Kaufmann reveals, “We have received lots of messages from fans who have said they would love to hear some new Defiance. We always felt the band broke up too early so we plan to use this opportunity to pick up where we left off.”

Defiance along with their fellow mosh pit peers of the 80’s (Testament, Exodus, Death Angel) contributed to the rise and immense popularity of thrash metal for over a decade. In recent years with the reformations of many of the classic bands, fans have been given opportunity to re-embrace the aggressive sound of the American-flavor of the genre.

Defiance plan to finish recording of their Candlelight debut by year’s end. The band expects to announce touring plans in the early part of 2009.