DENIAL FIEND Release Video Preview of Upcoming Album, “Horror Holocaust”

Horror metal supergroup DENIAL FIEND has posted a video preview of their upcoming full-length release on their official YouTube channel and Facebook page. Recorded at Mana Studios, the long awaited follow-up release to 2007’s They Rise, Horror Holocaust, is due out in early 2011 on  Ibex Moon Records. The video features a clip of the album’s first track, entitled  “Corrupted Flesh.” 

The current line-up of the band features drummer Rob Rampy (DRI), vocalist Blaine Cook (the Accused), bassist Terry Butler (Death, Six Feet Under, Massacre) & guitarist Sam Williams (Down By Law).

Horror Holocaust will also feature guest appearances from Steve Swanson (Six Feet Under), Ralph Santolla (Deicide, Obituary) and James Murphy (Obituary, Testament).

Visit DENIAL FIEND’s YouTube channel or Facebook page to check out the video or go to for more on DENIAL FIEND.

DENIAL FIEND merch and copies of They Live and the band’s debut EP, Dead Awakening, on limited edition vinyl are currently available at the Ibex Moon Records webstore via Abyss Records.