Denmark’s longest running death metal band KONKHRA reveals details for their upcoming album “Nothing Is Sacred”

KONKHRA was founded in 1989, and the demos “The Vicious Circle” and “Malgrowth” were released in 1990 and 1991. KONKHRA has since managed to become one of the Denmark’s most successful metal bands with festival appearances worldwide including two appearances at the Roskilde Festival.

February 23rd marks the release-date for KONKHRA’s sixth album Nothing Is Sacred on Chopshop Records/Target Distribution. Their strongest album since Spit Or Swallow from 1996!


KONKHRA’s Anders Lundemark states: “The new album addresses the lies of 9-11, the Western view of the Muslims as their prime enemy, the suffocating influence of religion, the collapse of society based on profit, war, violence and death… After all, we think it’s a little rude to scream at people without having anything to say.”

Prepare for a stronger KONKHRA than ever with songs exceeding 250 bpm. The album furthermore features James Murphy on leadguitar. James Murphy is, however, not able to tour, so the band has allied themselves with 20 year old Michael Skovbakke, who delivers and interprets the leads from the entire KONKHRA career.


The album will be released in a limited edition including a bonus CD featuring the remastered demos “The Vicious Circle” and “Malgrowth” in addition to an extra booklet with the original artwork from the demos. When the demos were released in 1990 and 1991 they sold extraordinarily 2000 copies on cassette. | 


08 November 2008: Aalborg Metal Festival, Aalborg, Denmark (w. Opeth, Keep Of Kalessin)

10 January 2009: Metal Royale Festival, Aarhus, Denmark (w. Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Napalm Death)