ENCOFFINATION To Unleash Second Full-Length Via Selfmadegod Records This Summer

The tombs are closed and the coffins are lowered. The sun bleaches the gravestones and the flowers wither. The sun settles and the darkness rises. The stench of death still lingers and the presence of doom is inimitable. The ritual preparation of the dead is complete. ENCOFFINATION arises from the crypts to worship this ritual of death.

Returning after last year’s suffocating debut album Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh, ENCOFFINATION is about to strike back with their new opus to death. O’ Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres is the definition of lurching, oppressive, sickening “funeral doom of death metal.” Picking up where they left off with the previous album, O’ Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres will define ENCOFFINATION‘s signature sound; suffocating doom wrapped in the pure stench of death. The album will include up to ten new songs of abysmal, funeral-bound death metal, recorded in Cooper, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia between January and May 2011.

Guitarist/vocalist Ghoat (Father Befouled, Vomitchapel) says of the new album – “Expect pure darkness. Take everything we have done before and turn it up. More death, more gloom, more decay. Guitars will crush, vocals will possess, and the atmosphere of ENCOFFINATION will strangle you. We are adding more texture in the riffs, more things to take you by the throat and steal your breath.”

Based on Ghoat’s own experiences of working in the funeral industry, O’ Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres will be a concept… not in the linear sense, but abstract; from the death of the human form to the sacrifice of flesh into the Earth. The album will be released via Poland’s Selfmadegod Records later this Summer. More info and an official release date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Ghoat – Vocals, bass, guitar, effects, samples, chants
Elektrokutioner – Drums, percussion, samples, effects

“My kind of music. Utter darkness, a bottomless pit of night. Unapologetic underground metal at its best and most captivating” – Tom G. Warrior (Triptykon, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer)