FATALIST – Deal with FDA Rekotz! New album to be released later this year!

With Californian death-metal-bulldozer FATALIST, FDA Rekotz have added another high-quality band to their already stunning roster. FATALIST plow up the underground since 2006 and can be described as the American answer on bands such as Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Unleashed, etc.

Neil Burkdoll on the deal with FDA Rekotz:

“Wes and I are very happy and excited to be joining the FDA family and we plan on recording our second full length later this year!!! Rico was one of the first people to contact us when we released the Promo 2014 songs last November and I could tell he wanted to work with us from the very beginning. Fatalist will bring you an album that picks up where our In the Depths of Inhumanity album left off, but is more brutal while still retaining all the memorable songs we are known for. We have been writing songs like crazy and we have many to choose from. Look out for a new album later this year from FATALIST!!!”

The fantastic FATALIST debut album “In The Depth Of Inhumanity” (2009) will be re-released by FDA Rekotz in Spring 2015 on CD as well as (for the first time) vinyl version.

FATALIST online: